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2009/344: It’s Beginning To Look…

… a lot like Christmas!
Got the house all decorated for Christmas on Monday.

2009/342: One Down…

… two more to go! Finally finished Nikki’s Christmas stocking yesterday. Too bad there’s no way that the other two will be finished by Christmas. Not even close!! Oh well, there’s always next year.

And Stockings Were Hung By The Fire

OK, we don’t have a fireplace, so above the TV will have to do…


“Still, Still, Still”

Things I Love – part 4


I haven’t stitched anything in years…. at least nothing that takes more than an hour or two, but last year I decided that I HAD to finish Sara’s Christmas stocking that I started four years ago. I did, and I haven’t stopped stitching since. Gets me off the computer for a little while 😉

I’m making this for a friend.