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2014/052: Karma’s Photo Hunt

Did you enter Karen’s A Blogger Contrived Photo Hunt ? If not, there’s still time, as the due date isn’t until February 25th.
For this photo hunt we were supposed to choose a word, and then look for objects around the house that start with each letter of our chosen word. It sounded easy, but then I had a hard time finding objects to represent the letters.
I chose my name as my word: Michaela (for those of you who didn’t / don’t know 😉 ) and I decided to take two photos for each letter…

M is for Music (OK, not technically an object) and this is my favorite way to listen to it
2014-052 1aM

M is also for Markers (Sara thought of those, because I couldn’t think of anything else LOL)
2014-052 1bM

I is for iMessages…. again, not technically an object, but they’re the only good thing to wake up to when you’re up at Stoopid o’clock. Reading those is the first thing I do after dragging myself out of bed, and having TEN of them waiting for me that morning was a nice surprise (even if they are all from the same person)
2014-052 2ai

I is also for Ivy…. one of the more recent plants I bought. We shall see how long it will survive. I tend to forget to water them. Oops!
2014-052 2bi

C is for Coffee…. the other nice thing when you’re up at Stoopid o’clock!
2014-052 3aC

C is also for Candle. Love them!! This one was on my desk (will be again soon, but it has been temporarily replaced with a different candle) and I light it in the morning when it’s still dark out (you know…at Stoopid o’clock 😉 ) so I don’t have to turn on the light
2014-052 3bC

H is for Hearts…. because I know you all would have been disappointed if I didn’t post any hearts! These are my heart-shaped rocks that I found over the years.
2014-052 4aH

H is also for Herbs, and I’m glad they’re not spelled Erbs, or I might still be looking for another object that starts with H 😛
2014-052 4bH

A is for Apple…. sadly I’m allergic to raw apples, they make my throat itch terribly!
2014-052 5aA

A is for Apple (I know I said that already LOL)
2014-052 5bA

E is for Ear buds…. sometimes those are needed to listen to music.
2014-052 6aE

E is also for Eggs…. which I don’t like at all unless they’re deviled eggs.
2014-052 6bE

L is for Lace
2014-052 7aL

L is also for Letters. I still love it when I get a letter in the mail, how about you? All these are from Germany.
2014-052 7bL

A is for Art…. and I have two talented artists as daughters. 17-year-old Melissa, and 10-year-old Sara. I’m sure you can tell who drew what 🙂
2014-052 8aA

A is unfortunately also for Antihistamine, because Allergy season is right around the corner.
2014-052 8bA

2012/023: A Good Start To Any Day

…is coffee!

2011/255: Good Morning

Coffee. The best start to any morning.
Have a great week!

2011/068: Buc-ees

This was a pit stop on the way to Houston, and on the way home. Coffee is good, the store is fun to browse through, and the restrooms are clean.

2010/043: Mug Series, Part 11

Wow, it’s been over a year since I posted a “mug shot”!
This one is perfect for today because it’s still cold outside, and, according to Tuesday’s (when I scheduled this post) weather report, it was actually supposed to snow yesterday and today! 1-3 inched predicted.

Sara gave me this mug for Christmas. It’s huge! I can fit a whole (4-cup) pot of coffee in there! I love the mug, it’s one of my favorites.
Please excuse the Christmas lights in the background… I thought they were fitting for this picture, even if it is February. I took the tree down in early January, a few days after we got back from vacation. Really!

2010/003: Good Morning

Vacations are great, but it’s nice to get back home and wake up in your own bed again.
(At least if everything went according to plan, we got back home sometime yesterday… unless of course we got stuck in a huge snow storm somewhere. In that case we will be home whenever we get there – hopefully before I’m running out of scheduled posts!)

2009/307: Pumpkin Spice Latte

Mmh-mmh, good!


2009/64: Tired

Waking up at 4 am is NOT for me! But for the last few months, for some reason, I wake up around 4 am and can’t get back to sleep. Last night I forced myself to stay awake until 10pm, hoping I would get to sleep longer in the morning. And what happened? I wake up at 3 am!!! Couldn’t go back to sleep, so at 3:30am I decided to crawl out of bed and play on the computer.
I used to wake up at 5am, which was perfect, because it gave me an hour of me-time before the kids had to get up. I would check my e-mail, blogs, message boards, flickr….. all in peace and quiet. Me-time while the kids are in school and Greg is at work, just isn’t the same, because there are always other things, too, that I have to do, like that pesky laundry or the dishes.
Hopefully with daylight savings time just around the corner, my 4ams will turn into 5 ams again.
Time to make more coffee…


2009/28: Mug Series, part 10

Winter Wonderland.

Did you miss my mug shots?
Nothing better than a nice hot cup of coffee on a cold winter morning.

We had another ice storm here, and it’s almost a winter wonderland outside. The kids will hopefully get a snow ice day, and you may be seeing more ice pictures in the next few days.


Mug Series – part 9

Time for another mug shot, so you didn’t think I ran out 😉

This was obviously a souvenir from San Francisco, and yes, I like my coffee with with whipped cream… or flavored creamer.

Mug Series – part 8

Thought it was time for another “mug shot”.

This was another Target find and they had the same mug, only with the stripes on the mug and the polka dots on the handle (Cheryl, you should post a picture of yours!) and I had a tough time, deciding which one to buy.


Mug Series – part 7

This was another mug I got for my birthday, from a very dear friend.  That was sooo sweet!!!

Thank you so very much! This really means a lot and I will always treasure it.


Mug Series – part 6

Isn’t it cute? I love the detail on the handle, too.

This was a birthday gift from a very sweet friend, and a total surprise. Thanks for thinking of me 🙂


Mug Series – part 3

Another great Target find. I love hearts, so I HAD to buy it!

You would not believe how difficult it was to take a picture of this mug….. it’s easier to get some good pictures of my uncooperative kids, than it was to get pictures of this mug!! LOL  I think this was my third try and then I gave up.


Mug Series – part 2

One from the archives…. I had planned to post something else, but when I saw that it was only 28 degrees outside, this picture seemed to fit for today. Christmas lights and all!