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2010/115: Color-A-Cookie

Last week-end, Melissa rode her bike to her school to meet a friend at the track, and then spend some time at the library. Sara really wanted to go with her, but she doesn’t do well on her bike yet and manages to fall over, even with the training wheels, and they have to cross a street that can be busy at times, and I just don’t feel comfortable letting Sara go without Greg or me. Poor thing was really disappointed, but we promised to take her to Target to look for a pretty dress for the 1st grade performance (she wore it in the pictures I posted yesterday), AND of course we could look for samples! NO trip to Target (or Sam’s Club for that matter) is complete without looking for samples!!
So… while in the grocery department of Target, Sara found these cookies that came with food coloring markers and HAD to have them! She started coloring them as soon as we got home, and had to have a little lick of this one… that she was going to try to get Melissa to eat! Melissa (surprisingly, since she hates Spongebob!!) wanted to color some cookies, too, and ate the ones she colored herself, and Sara ended up eating the one she slobbered on. All’s well that ends well 😉