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2009/305: Minnie And The Vampire

They got to go Trick-or-Treating… three times!… since they more or less co-operated for pictures.
Friday night was our town’s downtown trick-or-treat and they got tons of candy! I had to carry Sara’s bag home for her because it got too heavy for her. Threw most of the crap candy away and kept the chocolate for the kids and some other things for me and Greg. (Melissa is getting braces soon and has spacers right now, and Sara has stainless steel caps on some of her teeth, so they can’t have gum and other sticky candy anymore).
Then Saturday afternoon was the Fall Carnival at Sara’s school, and Saturday evening some friends invited us to Trunk-or-Treat at their church. Believe it or not, I actually left the camera at home all three times! Just took a few pictures before we left.

2009-305 1

2009-305 2

2009-305 3

Messed up the settings (aka wasn’t paying attention to my settings) on this one and had to convert because it was overexposed. It’s an outtake, but it’s a keeper!
2009-305 4