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2012/120: Gnomeo & Juliet

Wiki-stick edition
Something Melissa and Sara actually did together!!

2012/037: Valentines

These are the Valentines that Sara will hand out to her classmates and teachers this year.
We bought matchboxes and pretty papers, removed the matches, and covered the boxes with the papers. Finding something to fill them with was a bit of a challenge because I wanted candy that was wrapped. The Hersheys hearts fit pretty well, and we found a different brand of chocolate hearts, too, and added one to each matchbox.
It was a fun little project, and Sara was happy that her Valentines didn’t involve getting her picture taken 😉

2010/201: Rock Painting

We had lots of rainy days during the second half of June, and since we couldn’t go to the pool, the kids painted the rocks they found during our California vacation two years ago.

These are Melissa’s… she’s really into Manga (some kind of Japanese comics) right now.

The rock on the bottom left is 2-sided

And here are Sara’s. She had a little help with the Manga one, Melissa drew it on with pencil and Sara painted it in.

Of course Sara had to make a 2-sided rock as well… and then gave it to me as a little present.

Lions And Tigers And Bears, Oh My!

Ok, just tigers.


Hey, look! The crazy lady with the camera finally took down the snowman welcome sign and replaced it with something else! It’s true… up until two days ago I still had my cute little snowman hanging next to the front door. We always go in and out of the back, so it was pretty much forgotten, and all the other welcomes are out in the shed somewhere. I found this one at Michaels on clearance a couple of weeks ago. It was unfinished but did have the flowers at the bottom. They’re metal, and stapled to the wood. A real joy to paint around them! At least it’s something that can hang out there all year round if I forget to change it out!

And all you macro gals out there, you’re WELCOME to come over for some lessons 😉

Another Money Tree

How cute is that?! The kids made it for me on Mother’s Day after we got back from IKEA. Too bad the leaves of this one aren’t turning into real money either.

Things I Love – part 4


I haven’t stitched anything in years…. at least nothing that takes more than an hour or two, but last year I decided that I HAD to finish Sara’s Christmas stocking that I started four years ago. I did, and I haven’t stopped stitching since. Gets me off the computer for a little while 😉

I’m making this for a friend.