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2011/238: White Currants

When I was about Sara’s age, my parents used to lease a garden not far from where we lived, and we would spend Saturday or Sunday afternoons there. Sometimes family would join us, and sometimes my sister or I could invite a friend. We used to have apple, pear, and cherry trees, strawberries, carrots, peas, beans, tomatoes, and all kinds of other fruits and vegetables, including red, black and white currants.
Currants have always been one of my favorite fruit, and I’m not picky about the color. Unfortunately they are almost impossible to find here in the US. I have only been able to find them twice, both times at Central Market. And not cheap! A year or two ago, they had red currants, and this time they had both white and black… and I decided to get the white ones. Delicious! I even shared with the rest of the family 😉