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2012/255: Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

On the day we went to Big Bay Point Lighthouse, we made it back to the hotel early, and because I didn’t want to just sit around all day, I looked through our travel brochures to see if I could find us something to do, and I found Da Yoopers Tourist Trap in nearby Ishpeming, Michigan. Sounded like fun, admission was free, and what’s not to love about a tourist trap? 😉
I apologize for the picture overload…

Loved this oversized chair! Definitely my favorite exhibit. Even made the kids sit in it (as you can clearly see by the excitement on their faces 😉 )

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“Bicycle Built For Two Ol’ Farts”
Arnold had a wife that wouldn’t shut up. So he invented this bike so he could share quality time without the constant nag, nag, nag… (built by Arnold Saari)

“Yooper Snow Removal Payloader”
1930 Model A-5 couple body, 1-ton 1931 Model AA Hearse chassis and the lift system is builts from a 1936 Plymouth differential (on the back of the car). The differential on the back of the cat is connected to the transfer case by power take off and two fan belts, which are operated by a shift lever inside the cab. The bucket is held up by a locking manual pump master cylinder, located in the cab of the vehicle. The chain above the door releases the bucket to dump the load. This Coupe has travelled over 100,000 miles and is still running! (built by George and Art Liimatainen, Mass, Michigan)

“The Percy-Pede”
This vehicle is used by serious hunters. The guy in the front is the “Deer Whistle” and the guy in the back is the “Troller”. He trolls for deer with a pole and a bag of cabbage tied to the end of the line which is dragged through the woods. (built by Percy Olmsted and Billy Langson)

“Camp Go For Beer”