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2014/112: Dallas Skyline

…as seen from the Dallas Arboretum.
Of course all I had with me was my macro lens 😉


Thanks-Giving Chapel

Finally made it to see the Thanks-Giving Chapel in downtown Dallas last summer. I’ve seen pictures of the spiral window before, and have been wanting to see it myself ever since.

2013-044 a

2013-044 b

2013-044 c

2012/296: Traveling Man

Before the flower overload, I thought I’d post the pictures of our recent outing to Deep Ellum, Dallas’ arts & entertainment district. It was cold that day and we didn’t spend as much time there as I would have liked, but at least I got pictures of the Traveling Man Sculptures, really the main reason I wanted to go.  Maybe we can go back another time to take pictures of the murals.

Walking Tall

Waiting on a Train


2010/163: Dallas Farmers Market

We had never been to the Dallas Farmers Market, so we made a little trip there on Memorial Day. Bringing the camera was a must, but the fruits and vegetables weren’t very inspiring. The flowers on the other hand were a different story! Stay tuned for those images!

No, this isn’t the farmers market, but the building with the red roof on the very right is part of it.

2009/295: Dallas

Back home after our little Houston area getaway. Dallas was just as foggy as Houston that day, and it rained, too.

2009-295 1

2009-295 2

2009/93: Dallas – part 2



Wish I had gotten a better view of this church.


2009/92: Dallas – part 1

JFK Memorial, Reunion Tower, Visitors Center


JFK Memorial


Corner of Field St. & Ross Ave.


2009/91: Closed

We went to downtown Dallas Sunday afternoon, and planned on going to the observation deck of Reunion Tower. It would have been the perfect day for it, but unfortunately the observation deck was closed to the public for remodeling. It’s supposed to be finished in “a few more months”.




(more Dallas pictures tomorrow)

2009/24: Southfork Ranch

Assignment 1 from Scott’s blog
Collective Shoot: Photograph a local area landmark in your hometown and tell us about it.

This isn’t exactly in my hometown, but it’s within a reasonable distance, so it counts, right? Besides, it is considered world famous, so of course I had to choose…

Southfork Ranch in Parker, TX


Remember the TV series “Dallas”? This was the location for the show. The house was built only a few years before Lorimar Productions discovered it for the TV show. The owners lived in the house during production and only the outside was used for filming. All the inside shots were filmed on a sound stage in California.

This is a shot of the back of the house, and the not-so-olympic-sized pool. It’s much smaller than it looked like on TV.


Here we have the famous driveway that was always seen in the opening of the show. This view is from (near) the house. Remember how the driveway seemed to be miles long? Not even close!! Ahh, the magic of television.


This is the actual 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V, that Jock Ewing drove from 1978 until his death in 1982.
(For the car buffs…. 25,270 actual miles, 460 cu. in. engine, 19 feet 3 inches long)


And, the most famous prop: the gun that shot J.R. Ewing


Lipizzaner Stallions

We surprised the girls on Sunday with tickets to see the Lipizzaner Stallions. We left early and had lunch downtown Dallas and then walked to the American Airlines Center to see the show. At first we were telling them we were going to the museum… then we told them we were going to see an opera. Melissa wasn’t happy about either one, but Sara said she wanted to see an opera. I doubt she knows what that is!

Then at lunch I told Melissa that we were going to see some airplanes at the American Airlines Center. They’re brand new airplanes called “Lippies”. I thought for sure that she would figure it out, considering she knows every single horse breed. But nope. Didn’t have a clue! I looked around when we walked through the doors and didn’t see any signs, but the woman who told us which way to go to get to our section, told us about a souvenir stand. I spotted that, but Melissa completely missed it! We were one of the first to get o our seats, but as it filled up, there were quite a few people with programs (aka souvenir books) and you could clearly see the pictures of the horses. I kept waiting for Melissa to say something, and I even told her to pay attention to her surroundings, but she never noticed the books! Another big clue was the gap in the curtains when we first walked in, you could see horses behind the curtain, but I guess Melissa never saw that, either. We had great seats, btw. They were in the 8th row! The show was pretty good, too, and everyone enjoyed it. At the very beginning, the commentator came through the curtains, followed by one of the horses and the rider was holding an American flag. The horse stood perfectly still during America the Beautiful and the National Anthem, and Sara whispered to me “Is that a real horse?”

I was lucky to get a few good pictures…. overexposed the whites on a LOT of them,  and the ISO was on 1600, so lots of grain.



In this picture, the horse performs a Capriole. The Stallion leaps into the air, drawing his forelegs under his chest at the height of elevation, and kicks out violently with his hind legs.


*** More pictures on my flickr. See link on the right.