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2014/082: Dew Kissed

Dew drops on a flower petal.


Morning Dew

2013-065 a

2013-065 b

2011/135: Morning Dew

For several mornings I would take Sara to school, and then come home and see the dew on the grass illuminated by the morning sun, thinking to myself that I should come back outside with the camera. Never did. Until I saw that Becky did exactly what I should have done all these times, and that finally gave the necessary kick in the pants. That very same morning, after dropping Sara off at school, I made sure my macro lens was on the camera, added the heart filter, and headed outside …. probably making the neighbors and anyone who drove by, wonder what the heck the crazy lady with the camera was doing in the wet grass!


2010/290: Dew

2009/321 Bonus: November

This is for the “Challenge: November” on Scott’s blog.

November is chilly mornings with heavy dew…

…still warm afternoons, which make for some confused plum trees…

…still green leaves being blown off the trees…

…and fogged up windows in the morning

2009/74: Dandelion Dew




Morning Dew (1)

Dew Drops

… on a banana leaf