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Today is Melissa’s Birthday…. hard to believe that my little girl is 12 years old today, and starting 7th grade on Monday. Seems like just yesterday that she was this tiny baby. She was our little surprise, who came along about two years earlier than “planned”, and looked like a Precious Moment when she was little. Almost everyone commented on that.

She’s very excited about today (can’t imagine why?!) and I’m surprised that she’s still sleeping right now, at 6:45 am.  We don’t have much planned today. Cake and presents when everyone is awake, and Melissa wants to go to the Olive Garden for dinner tonight. We got her a Build-a-Bear gift card, and I’m sure we’ll have to stop there either today or tomorrow.


(this pictue was taken on her due date, September 12, 1996 with her very first doll. Who knew she would prefer stuffed animals!)

Little Mommy

 Sara and Sara… her beloved baby, that she was begging Santa to bring her. She fell in love with her the first time she saw her at Wal-Mart and would go looking for her every time we were at a store that sold toys. How could Santa resist?

She’s such a good little mommy, too. Putting baby Sara in the highchair next to her own chair when it’s time to eat, or taking her in the carseat and buckling her in when we go somewhere in the car. She sleeps with her every night, too, snuggling with her and making sure she’s covered up and warm… and yes, Greg and I are “grandma & grandpa” LOL

Baby Sara moves and talks (it’s really cute, she even burps and gets the hiccups) and Sara loves her soooo much, she had the batteries worn out in a matter of four days!!! Duracell is going to love us!

Yesterday she wanted me to take some pictures, so I grabbed the camera before she changed her mind again….