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2011/284: Chocolate Wine

I’ve seen different brands of chocolate flavored wine at some stores over the last few years and always thought it sounded gross. I like wine, and those who’ve been reading this blog for a while know that I love chocolate… but chocolate flavored wine? Eewww!
Then on a recent sampling shopping trip to Sam’s Club, they offered samples of this Choco Noir Chocolate Wine Specialty (to thone over 21 only of course!) and I thought I’d give it a try. I could always kill the taste with one of the other samples they offered that day, right? But you know what? It was surprisingly good! So good, that we bought a bottle. There’s no wine taste and it just tastes like thick liquid chocolate with a kick. Yum!

I Need A Drink

As if car problems weren’t enough, add some major sickies into the mix.

Sara pretty much has been sick since the end of the first week of school. Just one cold after another, but now she’s been coughing quite a bit, which keeps her up at night, or wakes her up at night. Sunday I decided to keep her home from school Monday morning and take her to the dr. I let her sleep in, but woke Melissa at her usual time…. only to find out that she had a 101.6 F fever, and her throat and forehead hurt. Needless to say, she was going to the doctor, too! They tested Melissa for strep first, since the results would take a few minutes, then checked out Sara. She was fine… just a cold, and her runny nose was the problem, post nasal drip making her cough so much, and the dr. gave me some decongestant samples for her. Melissa’s strep test came back negative, and the dr. decided to test her for the flu, since there are already some cases popping up. And wouldn’t you know it, she has the flu!!! Dr. said she almost didn’t test her, but was glad that she did. Me, too! So Melissa is on tamiflu for five days, and she’s treating Sara preventatively for 10 days, so she hopefully won’t get it.  (Fingers crossed!).

** I’m not much of a drinker at all, and I certainly don’t drink this early in the morning! (Just thought I’d mention that 😉 ) And this brand of Mojitos isn’t that good either.