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2014/110: Happy Easter!

“I’m gonna need a bigger basket…”

2014-110 WM


2012/099: Happy Easter

Oh-oh…. seems that Trevor has been caught impersonating the Easter Bunny!

2012-099 WM


2011/114: Happy Easter

Artwork by the Birthday girl, Sara.
She thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world, because her Birthday is on Easter this year 🙂

2011/113: Bonus – She Was Right

They really are evil!
The purple ones somehow managed to get away, but I was able to eat successfully destroy the rest of them!

2010/094: Bonus – Happy Easter

2009/102: Happy Easter


Easter Monday

Need to squeeze in a picture of my tealight wreath, decorated for Easter, before it’s too late.


After the kids found their baskets and plastic eggs, we had fun making the eggs “dance” on the dining table.




More Easter Eggs

Yes, these are all girl eggs. Sara went crazy with the stickers, and the crayon, that comes with the dye tablets. Melissa and I had fun with paint.


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (and yes, that purple egg is UGLY! Looks more pink, but it was supposed to be purple dye) The Easter Bunny must have gotten a little confused, too! LOL


Happy Easter!