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2012/238: Not Unnoticed

2011/313: On The Railing

What better place to photograph fallen leaves than on the railing of a wooden bridge?
These were all taken at Red Rock Canyon State Park in Oklahoma.

2011/312: Autumn’s Beauty (2)

From our recent week-end getaway to Oklahoma.

2011/311: Autumn’s Beauty (1)

From our recent week-end getaway to Oklahoma.

2011/302: Sulphur, Oklahoma

The kids didn’t have school this past Monday, and Greg took the day off work. I had just gotten some Oklahoma travel guides in the mail, including Oklahoma Fall Foliage Tours.
A long week-end, and the possibility of fall colors…. the perfect excuse reason for a little getaway!
Our first stop was the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, just south of Sulphur.

Yes, the water did have a certain smell to it, but it wasn’t too bad.

2011/277: Fall Colors

So they’re in the form of flower petals and not leaves, but they’re still fall colors!
This was taken last November at the Dallas Arboretum.