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2009/60: Pride

Look at that! Another bonus post! Be sure to thank Amber for this one.
I was talking to her about close-up filters, and that they would be an affordable option for her until she can get a macro lens. They’re not the same as a macro lens, but they will let her focus closer to the subject with the lens that she has.
I mentioned that I took the magnolia picture, that’s hanging in my living room, with a close-up filter and someone couldn’t remember what it looked like even though she was just at my house that same day!
And since I had to take the picture, I thought I might as well post it on my blog because I’m really proud of it. It was also the first print that I sold (it was to an online friend in San Diego, and at cost, but it still counts).
Taken at the Dallas Arboretum on May 20th, 2002. I even remember exactly which of the many magnolia trees it was!
Minolta XG-1 with 70-210 mm lens at 210mm and close-up filter  (either a +1 or +2) and b&w film.


First Love

.. of the SLR kind 😉

This was actually Greg’s camera. He bought it in the early 80’s, looong before we met. I knew he had it, but assumed that it didn’t work because it was in a box in storage, and he was using a different camera (point & shoot). Then one day in 1998 I found out that it WAS still working, and dug it out of storage, along with the lenses and filters that he had bought. I had so much fun with this camera! It had no built-in flash and I had a speedlite for it, but something went wrong with the hotshoe and the speedlite no longer worked. I was heartbroken. The camera still worked, I just had to use ISO 800 film and it did OK indoors for the most part. I got a good 6 years out of that camera, and by then it was already 20 years old.

Greg surprised me with a Nikon N75 for our anniversary after I could no longer use the flash on the Minolta, and even though it was a nice camera, it never really compared. I still miss it, and it felt weird when I picked it up yesterday to take pictures of it. So very different from my D70s. And my favorite lens? 50mm 1.7