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2014/096: Florida Souvenir

One of the little somethings I bought during our trip to Florida last December was a perfect addition to my coffee mug collection (and yes, the seashells are some of the ones I found on the beaches πŸ˜‰ )


2014/059: Beach Treasures (2)

More little souvenirs from Pensacola Beach…

2014-059 a

2014-059 b

2014-059 c

2014-059 d

2014-059 e

2014-059 f

2014-059 g

2014/056: Sky Art

Pensacola Beach, Florida. December 2013


2014/055: Beach Treasures (1)

When walking along the beach, collecting seashells is a must (for me anyway πŸ˜‰ ) and these are a few of my favorites that I brought back from Pensacola Beach last December.

2014-055 a

2014-055 b

2014-055 c

2014-055 d

2014-055 e

2014-055 f

2014-055 g

2014/028: Armadillo

Would you believe I’ve lived in Texas for over 16 years and have never (to my recollection) seen a live armadillo? The ones I have seen, have all been squished by the side of the road… Spotted this little guy (or gal?) on our way back from Fort Pickett. and luckily I had my camera ready and was able to get a few pictures through the car window.


2014/027: Good-Bye Beach

One last look before we had to pack up and head back home to Texas…

2014-027 a

2014-027 b

2014-027 c

2014-027 d

2014/026: Still At The Beach

Wish I’d never have to leave…

2014-026 a

2014-026 b

2014-026 c

2014-026 d

2014/025: At The Beach

I could spend all day there…

2014-025 a

2014-025 b

2014-025 c

2014-025 d

2014/024: Birds On The Beach (2)

These little guys were so cute, and so much fun to watch as they ran toward the water, had a little snack, and then ran away as the waves came in….and then did it all over again. Not sure what kind of birds they are, sandpipers??

2014-024 a

2014-024 b

2014-024 c

2014/023: Birds On The Beach (1)

2014-023 a

Sara wanted to chase this one…probably not a good idea!
(Taken with my iPhone)
2014-023 b

2014/022: Langdon Beach

Of course we had to stop when we saw the beach access sign πŸ˜‰

2014-022 1

2014-022 2

2014-022 3

2014-022 4

2014-022 5

2014-022 6

2014/021: Fort Pickens Favorites

My three favorite shots from Fort Pickens

2014-021 1

2014-021 2

2014-021 3

2014/020: Fort Pickens

Not much to do on Christmas when you’re travelling and not visiting family…and everything is closed, so we decided to check out nearby Fort Pickens

2014-020 01

White Christmas
2014-020 02

2014-020 03

2014-020 04

2014-020 05

2014-020 06

2014-020 07

2014-020 08

2014-020 09

2014-020 10

Lost in thought or bored? I’m going with bored πŸ˜‰
2014-020 11

2014-020 12

2014/019: Christmas Sunrise

A beautiful sunrise at the beach is the next best thing to a white Christmas (to me anyway πŸ˜‰ )

2014-019 01

2014-019 02

2014-019 03

2014-019 04

2014-019 05

2014-019 06

2014-019 07

2014-019 08


2014/018: Sand Art

Both by Sara, although she had a little help from me finding seashells for the heart. Had to work quickly so it wouldn’t get washed away before it was finished.

2014-018 1

2014-018 2

2014/017: Christmas Eve Sunset

Pensacola Beach is ideal for sunrise AND sunset shots!Β 

View from our room…time to head down to the beach…
2014-017 a

2014-017 b

2014-017 c

Margaritaville Beach Hotel at sunset
2014-017 d

2014-017 e

2014-017 f

2014-017 g

2014-017 h

2014-017 i

2014/016: A Walk On The Beach

Ripples in the sand
2014-016 a

2014-016 b

2014-016 c

2014-016 d

Looking for seashells
2014-016 e

2014/015: Christmas Eve Sunrise

I always wake up really, really early, and if you’re at a hotel right on the beach, what better to do than bundle up and head out into the cold to photograph the sunrise? It was just me, myself and I that morning.

2014-015 a

2014-015 b

2014-015 c

And the view from our room….a bit after the sunrise, and after breakfast and a hot cup of coffee or two to warm up
2014-015 d

2014/014: Christmas In Florida

During our summer vacation in Florida, we decided that we would come back when the kids were off for winter break. One was excited, the other one….not so much (but she had to come with us anyway πŸ˜‰ )
We decided on Pensacola Beach, even though it wouldn’t be warm enough to swim. It was COLD and WINDY, with temperatures in the low 30’s in the morning, and probably around 50 in the afternoon, but it was still beautiful, and the cold certainly didn’t stop us from venturing out for walks on the beach. Sara often came with me very early in the morning, to take pictures of the sunrise, and look for seashells. Melissa on the other hand didn’t go out unless we didn’t leave her any other choice (that’s teenagers for ya πŸ˜‰ )

These photos were all from our first day (Dec.23)

Holiday Inn Express, Pensacola Beach. As you can see, the hotel is right on the beach, and best of all, ALL their rooms have a Gulf front view!
2014-014  a

The view from our room
2014-014 b

Of course we didn’t waste any time to get down to the beach!
2014-014 c

2014-014 d

2014-014 e

Just a hint of sunset colors
2014-014 f

2014/011: A Walk At Sunrise


2014/010: Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Well…..not exactly.
We spent Christmas in Pensacola Beach Florida and it was really cold, with temperatures in the 30’s in the morning, and in the 40’s (possibly in the low 50’s) and really windy. But this isn’t snow, it’s a snowy-white beach.


Away For The Holidays

We’re off to spend a few days in Pensacola Beach, Florida….at a hotel right on the beach…..with Gulf view! I can’t wait!
It will be too cold to swim, but that’s OK with me, I prefer long walks on the beach anyway.


Trevor might be coming with us πŸ˜‰
2013-061 WM

The Sweetest Thing

One of my favorite Florida pictures… girls, walking along the beach, and it almost looks like they’re holding hands. Which they are most certainly NOT! πŸ˜‰
(Taken with my iPhone)


Visiting Winter

I think if you ask my 10-year-old daughter Sara, she’d tell you that one of the highlights of our Florida vacation this past June was visiting Winter at the Clearwater Marine AquariumΒ in Clearwater, Florida….. and if you’ve seen the movie Dolphin Tale, you know who Winter is. (If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it, it’s such a good movie!)

After we got back from Florida, Sara asked to have the movie added to our Netflix queue so we could watch it again and see all the familiar places. A big part of it was filmed at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, although it had a facelift since then.

Winter, with her prosthetic tail
2013-031 a

Two of the stars of the movie πŸ˜‰
2013-031 b

A still from the movie….
2013-031 c

….and where it was filmed
2013-031 d

Free shuttle busses take visitors from the Marine Aquarium to the movie exhibit (and back again of course!)
2013-031 e

One of Winter’s prosthetics that she has outgrown
2013-031 f