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Ice Storm – Part 2

More pretties from the Dallas/Fort Worth area December 6th ice storm.

2013-052 a

2013-052 b

2013-052 c

2013-052 d

2013-052 e

2013-052 f

2011/344: Frozen

We had a couple of frosty mornings this week, and of course I had to take the camera outside to see what I could find…. like this frozen dew drop on a blade of grass.

2010/40 Bonus: Frozen

Proof that it does get cold here in Texas. We’ve had some rain in the last few days, which turned our back yard (and the front, too, for that matter) into a small pond. Last night the temps fell into the mid 20’s and this morning I found our little pond covered with a thin layer of ice. The grass was nice and crunchy, too.
Then when I drove Melissa to school I heard something about 1-3 inches of snow on the radio???!!! I missed when, though, but let’s hope they were right!

2010/040: Icy

The kids’ windows were covered with ice on the inside, too, and you couldn’t see out of them at all. Perfect for a little fun, though! I reached back and put my hand print on Melissa’s window (talk about cold!!!!!), and then Sara did the same on hers. Must have looked pretty funny from the outside!

2010/038: Ice (1)

Some shots of the ice on the inside of the windshield.

2010/037: Brrrr!!

On New Years Day, when we made our way back home, it was only 1 degree Fahrenheit outside (that’s -17 C). So cold, that we had ice on the outside and on the inside of the windshield!
I had planned to leave the camera in the camera bag, in the trunk, but when I saw the ice on the windshield, I decided to dig out the camera. I scraped the ice on the outside, but it took a long time (several hours) for the ice on the inside to melt completely.

2010/009: Vacation Day 2

Saw some pretty neat “ice falls” through Missouri and I was lucky to capture one, now that we were travelling at much faster speeds than the day before!

Then through Illinois and Indiana it started to snow 🙂

2009/32: Ice Storm (3)


Frozen dandelion

Crepe (or is it crape?) Myrtle

2009/31: Ice Storm (2)

Not sure what this is exactly…. probably weeds wildflowers.



The roof rail of my car

2009/30: Ice Storm (1)

I won’t torture you with ten days of ice pictures, so I will post them in three groups, and you’ll only have to suffer for three days. I know how some of you are sick of the cold.

This first one is ice on top of a leaf. Not sure if you can tell if you don’t know what it is.