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2011/139: Plum

2011/105: Blackberry

Won’t be long now! Too bad I can’t eat them, because I’m allergic.

2010/233: Strawberry

2010/221: Two For One

Took two Benadryl (allergy pills) to eat this one cherry. The Benadryl didn’t really help and I still got an itchy throat, but it was the best cherry in a loong time! Probably because it was the only cherry in a loong time 😉

2010/151: Raspberries (2)

2009/236: Happy Day

Today is the first day of school… Melissa is starting 8th grade, and Sara is in 1st grade.
Plans are to drop the kids off at school and then head to the movies with Amber to see The Timetraveler’s Wife… and then head to the gym to work out before it’s time to pick up the kids from school.

and yes, the heart and smiley on the grapes are real.

2009/175: Raspberry

Growing in our garden.


2009/163: Blueberry Hill Farms (3)

The only pictures of me picking blueberries and blackberries 😉

2009-163 3a

2009-163 3b

2009/143: Bubbly



Blueberry Smile

Found this bowl on my kitchen counter like that this morning. Left there by Sara after she ate some blueberries.

She seems to be doing a tiny bit better today. Still coughing, nose still runny and red, still a lowgrade fever, eyes still red and tired, but she’s not quite as clingy as she was yesterday. BUT, it’s only been about two hours since she woke up.