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2010/357: Bonus

To my friends, family, and blog fans:

May this Christmas…

be filled with love…

and happy memories.

2010/351: O Snowflake Tree

It’s not a Christmas tree if it’s not decorated, right?
Had some fun with our un-decorated pre-lit tree, with a home made snowflake filter. Next step: decorating!

2010/327: Key To My Heart

2010/320: I *Heart* Fall

Seems that the crepe myrtle in front of my house took pity on me and turned a beautiful red and yellow.
We have several other crepe myrtles and one of them is still mostly green, the leaves on the other one are a dark color… like someone mixed a very dark green and a very dark red together… and the one in the back yard has almost no leaves left.
Needless to say, this crepe myrtle is my favorite.
This is also my contribution to Scott’s current assignment: Autumn. There’s still time to enter your fall pictures.