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2011/038: Bonus – Snowbunny

This one loves snow as much as I do 🙂 She was running circles around the cactus (aka running from the camera!)

2010/144: Birthday Celebration

I’m only a month late with these. Had them all edited, and then never picked out any for the blog… oops! But here they are 🙂
For Sara’s Birthday, we went to Amazing Jake’s, just the four of us, and had a great time! Sara was dying to try the rock climbing wall! So was Melissa, but Sara could.not.wait!  She did really great!! She tried the easiest side first, and made it all the way to the top to ring the bell… she practically flew up! Melissa tried the second easiest, and didn’t quite make it.

Of course climbing up once wasn’t enough and they had to try again. I talked Sara into trying the second easiest side and she almost made it to the top before she slipped off (she made it further than Melissa! Melissa tried the easiest and made it to the top). Yup, always knew Sara was a little monkey! I think this is as far as she got, before she slipped and fell off.

They went on the bumper cars several times, too, and had a blast!

And of course the go-karts!! Unfortunately Sara is still too young to drive one herself, but she didn’t mind being Melissa’s passenger.

2010/057: Fun In The Snow (1)

This was still on our walk Friday morning. We were almost back home.

click on thumbnails for larger view

2010/018: Snow Much Fun

Silly girl threw snow up in the air, over her head. Minutes later she took her hood off and ended up with snow on her hair, in her jacket, and down the back of her shirt… putting an end to playing in the snow, because I had to take her back to the hotel room for some dry clothes.

2009/248: Soccer With The Guys

These were taken during Nick’s visit last month (he was here for about two weeks). He got to see Sara in action at her last indoor game of the season, and then they got to play one evening at a local school and they all had a great time! (Amber, this should look familiar! 😉 )

2009-248 01

2009-248 02

2009-248 03

2009-248 04

2009-248 05

We’re Baack!!

15 Days
3892 Miles through
14 States
71 Hours and 54 Minutes of driving
3 Online friends met in real life
932 Photos
ONE great time!

Details to follow! Please be patient, it’s going to take a while to go through all those pictures 😉

2009/151: Field Day Fun

139 Photos + 1 lobster sunburn = watching her have the time of her life!

I remembered to put sunblock on Sara, but completely forgot to put some on myself because I had to rush to get ready and head over to the school, so even though it looks like her face got burned, it’s just the glow from that orange shirt (whoever picked that color was obviously NOT a photographer! LOL)

2009-151 -1

2009-151 -2

2009-151 -3