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2014/125: Galveston’s Pleasure Pier

Pleasure Pier is a new addition to Galveston. It was built where the Flagship Hotel used to be (the hotel was torn down after it was damaged during Hurricane Ike in 2008) and opened in 2012.

Pleasure Pier by day
2014-125 1

…and by night
2014-125 2

2012/087: Foggy Galveston, Part 3

Life guard on duty

2012/086: Butterflies In The Sand

2012/085: Foggy Galveston, Part 2

2012/084: Foggy Galveston, Part 1

It was a warm, humid, and very foggy day when we went to Galveston. Rain was in the forecast as well, but it stayed dry. Of course the sun finally made an appearance after lunch, as we were leaving Galveston for our next destination.

2009/291: Galveston

Sunday (October 11 2009) we went to Galveston. I was really looking forward to a day at the beach, but it was chilly and drizzly…

2009-291 1

the seagulls didn’t seem to mind, though.

2009-291 2

You can still see the damage from Hurricane Ike. The Flagship Hotel was hit pretty hard, even the ramp to the hotel parking lot was destroyed. Even my favorite souvenir shop (Murdoch’s) was closed, but we saw painters there and it looks like they will be reopening at some point.

2009-291 3

The water was warm…

2009-291 4

…and we had fun, looking for seashells.

2009-291 5

Then we had lunch at the best place in town, The Spot, before heading back to the hotel.

2009-291 6

This is also my entry for Scott’s latest assignment: water. Check out the details and enter your own pictures!