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2011/219: Summer Roadtrip, The Final Days

We made it to Pontiac, Illinois on the evening of July 14th and planned on driving the rest of the way home on Friday, July 15th, and be home a day earlier than planned.
Somewhere in Illinois, my car reached a fun little milestone:

This was also the last time we would see those wonderful cooler temperatures for a long time! The highs here have been above 100 F (38 C) since the beginning of July, and the lows have been at 80 F (26.5 C) or slightly above.

We crossed the Mississippi River, snapping pictures of Gateway Arch (the girls with their cell phones), and getting our last Whitecastle “fix” when we stopped there for lunch.

St. James Winery in St. James, Missouri, is one of our favorite wineries, and we almost always stop there, either on our way to Indiana, or on our way back home, for some wine and juice tasting. This time was no different.

By dinner time, we had made it to Muskogee, Oklahoma. We were still at least four hours from home, depending on traffic and construction, and Greg was still planning on making it all the way home, ordering coffee with dinner. I really didn’t think that he would have lasted past 9pm, and successfully talked him into spending the night in Muskogee and driving those last few hours on Saturday morning. This actually worked out pretty well, considering our air conditioner was broken (low on freon and not cooling anymore) and we would have had a miserable night at home.
We weren’t in a big rush on Saturday morning, and made it home right around lunch time. We unloaded the car, turned down the air conditioner (haha!) and headed to lunch while the house cooled down (or not!). It was still really hot in the house when we came back, and after Greg called his brother to ask advice about the a/c, we checked into the hotel right here in town for one more night away from home, while we waited for Greg’s brother to come Sunday morning and fix the a/c.

Finally, here is a little quiz for all of you: Which one is the correct picture?


or B.

The correct answer is…… B!! 😉

Do you know why it’s “hot as hell” in Texas? Because it is hell!
Do you know why Texas is called “The lone star state”? Because it was too hot for the rest of the stars and they left!