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2009/309: Guard

Her age group doesn’t have goalies, but she’s really good at kicking that ball out in the last second and keeping the other teams from scoring.


2009/248: Soccer With The Guys

These were taken during Nick’s visit last month (he was here for about two weeks). He got to see Sara in action at her last indoor game of the season, and then they got to play one evening at a local school and they all had a great time! (Amber, this should look familiar! šŸ˜‰ )

2009-248 01

2009-248 02

2009-248 03

2009-248 04

2009-248 05

2009/139: Bonus – 3 Out Of 5

We had a soccer game yesterday evening and Sara did GREAT!!! She scored five goals! Four of them in the first quarter and the fith in the second quarter…. and almost scored at least two or three more throughout the game.
I was able to capture three out of the five goals.
She fell, too, and hurt her pinky finger, but my tough cookie got right back up and kept playing.

2009-139 Goal-1

2009-139 Goal-2

2009-139 Goal-3

First Goal

Monday evening was the second game of the fall season, and Sara scored her first goal this season!


This was at Saturday’s game. Kitty Kats vs. Sassy Cats. The Kitty Kats played so well that day and we’re so proud of them! Little A. no longer seemed afraid of getting knocked down by the other team and actually ran up to the ball several timesĀ and kicked it! C. didn’t cry or throw a fit when it was her turn to play, and actually wanted to play! L. did really well staying on the field and not running over to mom to give her a hug! She did a few times, but went right back to play. And U., although getting there late, kicked the ball towards the correct goal! And then there’s Sara. She kinda backed off the game or two before this one, but Saturday she was back to her old self again and got right in there to get the ball away from the other team. And, best of all, I was finally able to capture a good series of pictures of her scoring a goal! I think she scored 3 or 4 at this game. Go Kitty Kats!!