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2010/288: Portrait Of A Goofball

An old pair of my glasses, and a mustache that she found at the grocery store (still in its original packaging, rolled under the “gumball” machine), and trying not to crack a smile.


Is a little cooperation too much to ask??
Wait… don’t answer that!

I was trying to take some pictures of Sara, for her Valentine’s cards, and of course this is typical of my little goofball.
(Focus IS supposed to be on the heart)




Mopey, Dopey and Fountain Girl

I heard about this new shopping center recently and talked Greg into checking it out last Sunday. It’s right at the lake, and they have fountains, a lighthouse, even a small stage. Mostly we just walked around the fountains and and along the lake, and didn’t really check out the stores that were there. We did walk into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and came out with a box of chocolates. They’re pretty good (but pricey!!), and not nearly as good as Godiva. They had some caramel apples, too, and Melissa really wanted one. Greg didn’t buy her one because a) we would have had to get Sara one, too, and I know she would have taken a few bites and be “stuffed”, and b) $5 a piece seemed a little expensive for a caramel apple. Melissa got mad, and was following way behind us on the way back to the fountain, dragging her feet and crying!!

So here’s Mopey…

… and Dopey (hiding from the camera… had to stick his head in his shirt after the kids took his hat away)

And of course Fountain Girl. I’m surprised she didn’t fall/jump in!