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Still at the Water Wall in Houston. I don’t know who these people are, but they were acting really strange 😉
Cooperation at its finest! (Or not!)

2010/218: Fun In The Car

This was on the way back home from the German Deli. I tried to get a picture of them, but of course they had to be goofballs (as usual!). Sara kept moving her hands in front of her face and away really fast, and Melissa.. well… I had to bribe her so she wouldn’t hide completely! (She needed a band-aid and I told her she couldn’t have one unless she let me take a picture of her)

She was laughing so hard, because she thought I wouldn’t be able to catch her without her hands in front of her face

2010/215: Catch Me If You Can

Couldn’t do it. But then again, she never really turned around where I could see her face.

This one was a little easier. I think she enjoyed it more, too 🙂

2010/179: From The Archives – Goofballs

From 2007

2010/156: From The Archives – Mel & Sara (1)

From July 2006

2010/130: Uncooperative

OK, mom, I’ll smile… but I won’t look at the camera!!

2010/114: Seven

The goof turns 7 today. Where did the time go??!! Seems like just yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital.

Happy Birthday, my Little Bug ♥

2010/090: Pikes Peak

Cog Rail Depot

On the train, waiting.

Crazy people! Trying to hide from the camera. I don’t know what Sara was doing! LOL

2010/059: More Fun In The Snow

Melissa, standing on what was left of her snowman (see picture in yesterday’s post) and looking over the fence into our yard.

Sara tried to do the same but she was a little too short!

So they built snow steps 🙂 (I did make them come into the back yard)

2010/032: Indiana Snow, Part 7

2010/030: Snowman

2010/028: Indiana Snow, Part 6

Snow forts and snowball fights!

2010/018: Snow Much Fun

Silly girl threw snow up in the air, over her head. Minutes later she took her hood off and ended up with snow on her hair, in her jacket, and down the back of her shirt… putting an end to playing in the snow, because I had to take her back to the hotel room for some dry clothes.

2009/305: Minnie And The Vampire

They got to go Trick-or-Treating… three times!… since they more or less co-operated for pictures.
Friday night was our town’s downtown trick-or-treat and they got tons of candy! I had to carry Sara’s bag home for her because it got too heavy for her. Threw most of the crap candy away and kept the chocolate for the kids and some other things for me and Greg. (Melissa is getting braces soon and has spacers right now, and Sara has stainless steel caps on some of her teeth, so they can’t have gum and other sticky candy anymore).
Then Saturday afternoon was the Fall Carnival at Sara’s school, and Saturday evening some friends invited us to Trunk-or-Treat at their church. Believe it or not, I actually left the camera at home all three times! Just took a few pictures before we left.

2009-305 1

2009-305 2

2009-305 3

Messed up the settings (aka wasn’t paying attention to my settings) on this one and had to convert because it was overexposed. It’s an outtake, but it’s a keeper!
2009-305 4

2009/224: Mom, If You…

We were stopped at the Welcome Center in New Jersey, and she was obviously sick of having the camera in her face!


2009/218: Five Little Stinkers…

….Sitting on a wall
Not cooperating at all!

Silly kids!


2009/216: Vacation, Part 5

Friday, July 3, 2009 was probably the single most exhausting day of our whole trip. The day we went to New York City!
It all started out perfectly with a breakfast of fresh bagels and coffee at Dalia’s. After breakfast we headed to the nearby bus station and took the bus to the subway. One thing about the NYC subway: been there, done that, never want to do it again!!
First stop was Heaven B&H, where, unfortunately I didn’t get to buy a souvenir. Greg suggested an external hard drive, but what would I want that for? (don’t answer that!). The kids were happy to be there, because there were bowls of candy on every other shelf and they just kept helping themselves…. and I’m sure they were followed by employees who refilled the bowls again!

2009-216 a

I think Dalia attracts the rain, because it rained again that morning. Just a light rain that didn’t last very long, and then the weather played along for the rest of the day.
Leaving B&H we walked…. and walked… and walked… and walked some more, I don’t even know through which parts of NYC, until Greg finally had enough and put his foot down and insisted on taking a cab to wherever the Merrill Lynch Bull was. Never did see it, but that’s OK. From there we walked some more… to Ground Zero…

2009-216 b

2009-216 c

… then a memorial dedicated to the fallen police officers of New York City, where even the kids found some photo ops. Max and Sara were so cute, taking pictures of each other and then looking at them on the LCD.
2009-216 d

2009-216 e

… then to Battery Park where we stopped for a bite to eat, and look for souvenirs. The girls each picked a pink NYC hat.
2009-216 f

Then we took the subway to Times Square. WOW!! Pure craziness! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in one place! We were probably lucky that we didn’t lose one or more of the kids!
Dalia had promised to take her kids to Toys R Us (formerly FAO Schwartz) and that’s where we went. This store is huge! Three stories I think? A paradise for kids of all ages, but it was so crowded, you would have thought it was Christmas Eve, five minutes before closing time!
2009-216 g

2009-216 h

The subway and bus ride.. and walk!… back to Dalia’s seemed endless and I think everyone was glad to be back. We went to dinner at Chili’s (nothing like a frozen Margarita after an exhausting day like that!) and then back to Dalia’s for a while.
We all got along so well, it was hard to say good-bye at the end of the evening. I’m so glad we finally got to meet, and the funny thing was that Dalia and I have the same cell phone…. with the same ringtone! And not only that, but we have the same dishwasher, too!

Again, here is what Dalia wrote about the day.

2009/204: Nick

One from our vacation. The girls having fun with their brother. They were throwing plastic bottle caps at him, and he took them away…. and they tried to take them away from him again.
He’s supposed to come visit sometime in the next few weeks, and the girls have been collecting bottle caps since we got back from vacation 😉


Naughty Is The New Nice

This was the Christmas card I sent out this year. No need for them to cooperate for the “perfect picture” since I would get one no matter what!



The girls had another severe outbreak of PCS (Photographer’s Child Syndrome) and how funny that I found this cartoon in one of Melissa’s Calvin & Hobbes books, that she got that very same day this picture was taken. The parents are looking at pictures of Calvin, making all kinds of silly faces. Dad says “That’s our son. Sighhh” and mom says “These pictures will remind us of more than we want to remember”