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2011/165: Heavenly Bamboo

Also known as Nandina.

First One Awake

… while everyone else is still sleeping.

More Snow

Texas got more snow yesterday! It started raining late morning and at first we were under a “snow advisory”, that was later upgraded to a winter storm warning. It pretty much rained all day here, with some occasional sleet. The snow was to the west of us and coming closer. Unfortunately is never quite made it although we did see snow mixed in with the rain around dinner time. Some areas not that far north and west of us got about 6 inches just yesterday afternoon!!! Once again, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. By bed time even the rain stopped (we got about 1.5 inches of that wet stuff and there were huge puddles in our yard).

Got up this morning and saw that we got some snow during the night! Not much at all, just a dusting, and it wasn’t even enough to delay school openings. It wasn’t even wet snow, but the powdery stuff… I was hoping to build a mini snowman and post a picture of it, but so much for that!

So this is what I got instead. At least it stuck to the trees and bushes a little….