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2012/244: Horseshoe Falls (2)

A few of the other attractions at Horseshoe Falls are a several gnomes along the pathway and throughout the gardens…

…some art work

…an Indian Weather Rock (very accurate!! 😉 )

…a Wishing Well (still waiting for my wish to come true)

…and a fish pond where the kids got to feed the fish (and ducks)

(All but the first and last photos were taken with my iPhone)

2012/243: Horseshoe Falls (1)

Horseshoe Falls is on private property and you have to pay a small fee to get to the falls. There are signs along the path with “fall facts”, and signs that point out trees and wildflowers, there’s also some art work, and a fish pond (come back tomorrow for more details) and in my opinion it was worth the fee.