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2012/103: Cockrell Butterfly Center – The Flowers

Just a few of the flowers at the Cockrell Butterfly Center in Houston.

2012/097: Cockrell Butterfly Center (5)

2012/096: Cockrell Butterfly Center (4)


2012/095: Cockrell Butterfly Center (3)

2012/094: Cockrell Butterfly Center (2)


2012/093: Cockrell Butterfly Center (1)

The Cockrell Butterfly Center is part of the Houston Museum of Natural Science, and one of our destinations during our recent Houston trip.
Warning… lots of butterflies scheduled here on the blog this week 😉

2012/090: Knight In Shining Armor

2012/089: Kugel Ball

Kind of a stupid name if you ask me, because “Kugel” is the German word for “ball” 😉
This cool little find with the stupid name is in front of the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

Don’t you hate these rude people who can see that you’re taking pictures, but get into your shot anyway?? 😉

2012/083: Illuminated Houston

We spent a few days of spring break in the Houston/Galveston area, and heading into Houston one morning, to spend some time in the city, it looked so pretty with the low clouds and illuminated by the sun.

2011/064: Beer Can House (2)

Back of the house. The “lemon tree” was made by John Milkovisch’s wife, Mary.

2011/063: Beer Can House (1)

After the Water Wall and lunch, we made our way to the Beer Can House. That place is really something! A small admission will give you access to the inside of the house, but unfortunately there was no photography allowed. There are plenty of photo ops around the outside of the house, though.

Marbles embedded in the ground behind the house

See the shape of Texas? I didn’t notice it until I edited the picture.

2011/062: Go!

Racing in front of Williams Tower in Houston

2011/061: Get Ready… Set…

Greg and the girls decided to get some exercise and have some races in front of Williams Tower in Houston.

Sara, getting ready to run


Still at the Water Wall in Houston. I don’t know who these people are, but they were acting really strange 😉
Cooperation at its finest! (Or not!)

2011/059: Water Wall (2)

A few more shots from the Water Wall in Houston.

One of my favorite shots from this trip

Wish they wouldn’t look so happy all the time 😉

Williams Tower, across from the Water Wall

2011/058: Water Wall (1)

Before our little week-end getaway, I spent some time looking through Houston’s website to find free or inexpensive things to do. One of those things was the Water Wall.

Taken from the Galleria (shopping mall) parking garage

NO PEOPLE in the shot! (Patience pays off! 😉 )

2011/057: What’s For Dinner?

For Greg and Sara it was the crabs we bought in Kemah that afternoon. Melissa and I had a burrito from Freebirds World Burrito.

2011/055: Week-end Getaway

The kids were off for President’s Day last Monday, Greg took the day off from work, and we escaped for the long week-end.


While in the Houston area last month, we went to visit my boy friends, Ben and Jerry (shhh, don’t tell Greg! 😉 ).


2009/299: Me

The Johnson Space Center in Houston has some great mirrors. They show no distortion whatsoever! Nope, none at all!
(But please remember that the camera adds 10 pounds!)


2009/296: Nikon In Space

Of course NASA would pick nothing but the best!

Nikon F  This camera was used to familiarize Apollo astronauts with the use and function of the Nikon F. This off-the-shelf camera was used inside the Apollo spacecraft for photo documentation of mission events.


2009/294: Houston (2)

On the way back home, Houston was a little foggy.

2009-294  1

2009-294  2

2009-294 3

2009-294 4

2009-294  5

2009/293: NASA (Part 2)

More from our day at the Space Center in Houston

2009-293 2a

That’s Sara, “landing the space shuttle”
2009-293 2b

2009-293 2c

2009-293 2d

2009/292: NASA (Part 1)

A must-see during our recent getaway to the Houston area was the Space Center. Last time we were in the Houston area we made it all the way to the entrance and decided to skip it because of the looooong lines. This time wasn’t nearly as crowded.
We spent about 5 hours there and didn’t get to see it all. Unfortunately we missed the tram tour. We stood in line for a while and then it started pouring… and I really didn’t want my camera to get wet, so we went back inside and had more fun there. The kids had a blast, too (no pun intended 😉 )
Sorry about the picture overload, even though I’m breaking this up into two posts. When I was little, I wanted to be an astonaut, you know? (Any of you facebook friends who take my how well do you know me test, should at least get this one question right!)

2009-292 1a

2009-292 1b

Sara’s favorite place to play. She didn’t want to leave!
2009-292 1c

Inside the Space Shuttle
2009-292 1d

On the moon
2009-292 1e

2009-292 1f

Moon rocks
2009-292 1g