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2011/108: Clusterfluff

O.M.G. …. who needs chocolate when you can have Clusterfluff?!  To.die.for!

2011/107: Mud Pie

Mm-mmh good! Can’t go wrong with chocolate ice-cream, Irish Coffee Liqueur ice-cream (too bad it’s alcohol free!) and chocolate cookies!

2010/271: What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

Not just any Klondike Bar, a Reeses Peanutbutter Klondike Bar!

2010/158: On A Diet

Who says you can’t have your cake ice-cream and eat it, too?
My ice-cream on a diet. I bought little 3-ounce cups and fill them with ice-cream… oh heck, I cram as much in as I possibly can, and then pile some on top, too!  And that’s all the ice-cream I allow myself to eat per day.
Before that, well, I took the container out of the freezer and didn’t stop eating until half of it was gone. Now one pint of ice-cream lasts almost a week.

And just in case Starbucks finds their way onto my blog (like Hershey’s did) and sees that I chose their ice-cream for this post: You’re welcome! 😉


While in the Houston area last month, we went to visit my boy friends, Ben and Jerry (shhh, don’t tell Greg! 😉 ).


Move over Ben & Jerry…

… make room on the couch for Talenti Gelato!

Found them at Sprouts recently, and tried two flavors so far: Argentine Dulce De Leche, and Chocolate Hazelnut, which is my favorite so far. They are pretty pricey, so this will only be an occasional treat and Ben & Jerry have nothing to worry about 😉

You can find Talenti on the web



Under NO circumstances should you eat this ice-cream!! It’s really terrible and I feel it is my duty to warn my friends.

If however a pint or two will make it into your shopping cart anyway, not to worry. Just pack it in dry ice and express mail it to me and I will safely destroy the ice-cream for you. (Mailing address available upon request)