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Fly Away

003 - May 22 2015

2014/155: At The Butterfly House Again

Seems like I’m there a lot, but I’m not. I just try to get as many pictures as possible when I am there.

2014-155 1

2014-155 2

2014/154: Lacewing

What are you looking at??!!


2014/118: Buzz

2014-118 a

2014-118 b

2014/115: Dragonfly


2014/111: At The Butterfly House

2014-111 a

2014-111 b

2014/105: Ready…

…for take-off!


2014/094: Little Cutie

Not sure what it is, but it’s awfully cute! ♥

2014-094 a

2014-094 b

2014/083: Hide And Seek

I think I’ll go hide in here for a while…


2014/006: Hello

Have a great Monday!


Take Flight

2013-046 1

2013-046 2

Bumble Bee



Found this beauty when we drove through Everglades National Park one evening. It was worth getting eaten alive by mosquitoes while getting a few shots.


Bee On Passionflower

First time I had ever seen a white passionflower…


Fifty Shades Of Brown


2012/366: Follow Your Dreams

This concludes my 5th year of blogging….. can’t believe it’s been this long already!
Wishing everyone a great start into the New Year and all the best for 2013!


2012/348: Invasion Of The Ladybugs (2)

My lucky shot! I literally tried for hours to get one of these ladybugs just as they were about to take off. This was the one and only time I (kinda sorta, almost) succeeded.

2012/338: Invasion Of The Ladybugs (1)

Had hundreds of these crawling all over the front porch on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. They were fast, though, and it wasn’t easy to get a picture of them.

2012/246: iNature (1)

Of course all photos were taken with the iPhone (and olloclip) 🙂

2012/119: Bug

No, I don’t know what kind of bug this is 😉

2011/199: Hop To It!

Grasshopper on canna.

2011/187: Rest


Ready For Take-off