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2012/215: May All Your Wishes Come True

Taken with my iPhone and olloclip macro

2012/204: iArboretum (4)

Photos taken with my iPhone.

2012/203: iArboretum (3)

Photos taken with my iPhone.

2012/202: iArboretum (2)

Photos taken with my iPhone.

My favorite iPhone picture from that day ♥

2012/201: iArboretum (1)

Photos taken with my iPhone

2012/188: Chihuly At The Dallas Arboretum (4)

These were all taken with my iPhone

2012/180: Dinner….Is Served

There’s a bit of a story to go along with this shot, because it’s not the one I intended to post. This isn’t even the original photo, but a iPhone shot of the LCD display of my camera that I sent to show a friend.
I transferred the original from the memory card to my pc, edited it, and saved it to my post-it-on-the-blog-someday folder. Then, out of boredom I decided to play with the iPhone shot, edited it in Snapseed ….and ended up liking it better than the original edited photo.

2012/175: BookBook

I like the BookBook for my iPad so much, it was only natural that I would get a BookBook for my iPhone as well! (Although I found a much better deal on eBay 😉 )

2012/161: Cloudscape

Did I mention how much I love my iPhone and its camera?? I’ve probably gotten more use out of it in the 2 1/2 months I’ve had it than my old phone (LG EnV3) in the 2 1/2 years I’ve had it!

2012/160: Storm

Wasn’t looking too pleasant on Wednesday evening… a storm complete with thunder & lightning, torrential rain, and hail.
Taken with my iPhone and fisheye lens.

2012/159: Ladybug

Found this little lady on the window of my back door one morning. Of course that called for a little iPhotoshoot 😉

2012/158: Good Vs. Evil

Evil may have rained reigned for most of that day, but in the end, Good always wins.

2012/157: Stormy

2012/156: Out With The Old

After almost 9 1/2 years, we’ve replaced our couch recently. The old one we put in the yard, and it didn’t take long for someone to snatch it up for $50.

2012/155: Last Wednesday

2012/153: The Walk To School

Clouds like these always made me look forward to walking Sara to school every morning….but I’m still glad that today is the last day of school 😉

2012/148: I Loved You Yesterday…

… I love you today… I will love you tomorrow.


Dreams are illustrations from the book
your soul is writing about you
~ Marsha Norman

2012/146: iMacro Bubble

I was leaning way over the kitchen sink the other day, iPhone in hand, taking pictures of a tiny little dish soap bubble on the window sill, when Sara walked into the kitchen, looked at me like I’ve just gone crazy, and said “what are you doing ??”  🙂


2012/144: Painted

2012/140: iMazing Macros

iMazing can only mean one thing….. taken with my iPhone 😉


Texas Dandelion

2012/138: iMazing Clouds (2)

Taken with my iPhone.

2012/137: iMazing Clouds (1)

All of these were taken with my iPhone

2012/136: Porch

Front porch, to be exact 🙂