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2010/206: It Takes A Lickin’

… and keeps on… wait… wrong brand!
In June, Greg briefly took over laundry duties and that’s when Melissa’s iPod somehow made a trip through the washer and dryer.. ear buds and all! I found it in a tangled mess when I took the clothes out of the dryer to fold them. I turned on the iPod but the light didn’t come on. Plugged it into the computer to charge it, and at first the charge light didn’t come on, but changed its mind after a while. It charged fully and still works! Even the ear buds are still OK!

(I’m NOT blaming anyone, even though Greg thinks I am 😛 )

2009/112: Bonus – Green

Green – fitting for Earth Day
Yes, it was on and I was listening to the music when I took this picture. My new itty-bitty little toy (small enough to hide from the kids, who want one, too! Melissa is especially jealous!)
The color choice was difficult. I loved them all! Couldn’t get the pink, because then Melissa would have snatched it for sure (her favorite color), blue would have been next on the list. The safest would have probably been silver (pretty for mom, boring for the kids), but I went with green because it’s bright and fun, and one of my favorite colors….and very photogenic 😉


iPod Shuffle

Does anyone have one? Do you like it? Pros, cons?
I’m thinking of getting one for myself, because it’s just too darn boring when I have to go walking all by myself. 
I like the price, too….. I don’t need any of the more expensive ones.