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2012/088: Kemah

We left Galveston after lunch, just as the sun made an appearance and chased away the fog, and we had a nice afternoon at the Kemah Boardwalk.
As luck would have it, there was a Starbucks at the boardwalk and I was able to blog from my iPad.

Hey Brian, look! I fondled a great spot for a tilt-shift! 😉 (Gotta love iPhone’s autocorrect! LOL)

2011/057: What’s For Dinner?

For Greg and Sara it was the crabs we bought in Kemah that afternoon. Melissa and I had a burrito from Freebirds World Burrito.

2011/056: Kemah

Our little getaway to Houston included a trip to Kemah on Saturday afternoon. First order of business were going to the seafood markets (not many of them left after Hurricane Ike a few years ago, but several are in the process of rebuilding) to buy crabs for dinner.  We left them to hang out in the cooler with some ice, while we went to the Boardwalk. We didn’t stay very long, because it was very crowded. It was foggy, too, and when the sun wasn’t peeking through the clouds, pretty chilly, too.

Buying crabs

View from the seafood market

Kemah Boardwalk

Found these guys on the side of a building in Seabrook on the way back to the hotel

2009/290: Kemah

Of course no trip to Houston/Galveston is complete without going to Kemah (at least if you ask Greg!)
Sadly, Kemah was hit hard by Hurricane Ike. Some places are rebuilding, and others still look like this. We didn’t make it to the boardwalk because it was early in the morning and they don’t open until 11am.

2009-290 1

The reason for going to Kemah? Dinner! Well.. dinner for Greg and the kids. Only seafood I eat is fish!

2009-290 2

add some seasoning…

2009-290 3

ready to eat!

2009-290 4

More From Kemah

This little guy was in front of our hotel. We stayed in Seabrook, which is only minutes from Kemah, and they had pelicans all over town. So cute!


Waiting in line to get on the ferris wheel


View from the ferris wheel


Another view from the ferris wheel. You can see the roller coaster that Greg and Melissa went on.


Greg’s reason for going to Kemah!



We’re back! Yesterday we were out the door at just after 5am and got to be squished in the shoe box (aka Greg’s car) for the next five or six hours. Fun, fun! (Not!). We stopped at an IHOP for breakfast and of course had to make a pit stop at Woody’s Smokehouse (The Jerky Capital of the World – ha ha!) so Greg could get some beef jerky. They have all kinds of jellies, butters and preserves, and I got some mayhaw jelly.  Next stop was Kemah… or I should say Seabrook, where our hotel was. We were able to check in early so we dropped the suitcase off and then went in search of a Kroger supermarket because they had discount tickets for NASA. Stopped for lunch, and then headed to the space center. It was packed!!! So after we found a parking space, we headed to the main entrance and there was a huge line!! Not sure how long it would have taken to get in. Greg started complaining about the line and how he didn’t feel like waiting an hour, blah, blah, blah. We had already paid the $5 for parking. Oh, and I have to say that he asked ME what I wanted to do, and I told him that I didn’t want to stand in line and listen to him WHINE for an hour… and Greg said that he wouldn’t complain, blah, blah, blah. Well, he was already whining, wasn’t he?!!

Anyway… we ended up leaving and going to the Kemah boardwalk instead. First Greg wanted to stop at the fish market to see what they had and how much the crabs cost. It was a madhouse!!! I think everyone within a 50-mile radius was there. We were stuck in traffic forever and then we had to find a place to park! I guess that was the only good thing about taking the shoe box, you can squeeze it into a tiny little parking space.

After the fish market we went to the Boardwalk….. never EVER are we going to go to Kemah during spring break or Easter week-end! We didn’t even bother checking to see if we can park in the official Boardwalk parking lot, and just grabbed the first spot we found and walked. The crowds were worse than the malls on Christmas Eve! Greg stood in line and got us all-day passes (bracelets), including me, which he should have known was a complete waste of money because he knows that I usually don’t go on any rides. Besides, I was there to take pictures. Neither one of us went on many rides. The kids got on the carousel, and Greg stood next to Sara because she’s too short to go on by herself. Then Greg and Melissa got on the roller coaster!! Melissa even said that she wanted to get on, and no one had to talk her into it!! I was really surprised. Greg said she did really well, too. Didn’t even scream or cry! She was probably too scared out of her mind to scream LOL. After the roller coaster we all went on the ferris wheel. Had to stand in line way longer than was necessary, because they only let two people on per gondola, even though they could fit four. Sometimes they let on three, but only if it was one parent and two children. Pissed me off!! So we had to ride separately. After that we went in search for some ice-cream, but the lines were just ridiculous and I suggested going down the street where all the shops are (off Boardwalk property). We had seen a snow-cone place on the way to the boardwalk. Unfortunately they were closed when we got there, but the store next door sold ice-cream. We sat in the chairs in front of the stores, resting out tired feet and enjoying our ice-cream, and then browsed through a couple of the other stores…. and bought some fudge. Yum!

Thankfully no one wanted to go back to the Boardwalk,  and we went back to our car and inched our way out of Kemah in search for a place to eat dinner. Ended up at Jack In The Box because both girls wanted to go there. I didn’t care, but Greg would have preferred a sit-down seafood restaurant.

This morning we got up bright and early and were at the fish market just before 7 am and Greg bought his crabs and some shrimp. Went back to the hotel for breakfast (they had the best cinnamon rolls!!!!!!!), packed up our stuff and we were on our way back home.

In all it was a pretty good trip. But, lesson learned. Never go back during spring break, and next time buy NASA tickets online.

Just one pic for now. Will have more to show next week.


And We’re Off…

We’re heading to Kemah today for a little getaway. I talked everyone into going to NASA (Johnson Space Center) … not that the kids have too much to say about it. Ha ha! Not sure what else we will do. Kemah has a boardwalk and we might walk around that for a while. And of course Greg wants to buy some crabs – yuck!! – and his oldest brother will meet us here for dinner tomorrow.

Have a great Friday, and I’ll catch up with everyone tomorrow!