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2012/366: Follow Your Dreams

This concludes my 5th year of blogging….. can’t believe it’s been this long already!
Wishing everyone a great start into the New Year and all the best for 2013!



2012/175: BookBook

I like the BookBook for my iPad so much, it was only natural that I would get a BookBook for my iPhone as well! (Although I found a much better deal on eBay 😉 )

2012/174: Dream

2012/169: Teenage Drivers

Yup, putting another one on the road…. north Texas better watch out! 😉

2012/102: Daffodils (5)

2012/071: Bonus – Trevor Likes Daffy

As in daffodils, not Daffy Duck (might like him, too, though 😉 )

2012-071b WM


2012/019: Dandelion

2011/349: Plan B

This is the Holiday card that I would have sent out, if the torture photo session with the girls didn’t work out, but thankfully, the weather played along.
The first two stacks of cards went out on Monday, and the last stack went out yesterday, so they should (hopefully) start arriving soon.

2011/308: Nuts!

Pretty sure they are pecans, even though they are rounder than the normal pecan.
Greg – who hates pecans – tasted one and said they could be walnuts, but nope, I still think they are pecans. They were too small, and the shell was too smooth to be walnuts.

2011/306: Winery

No getaway is complete without stopping at a winery or two.

The Chocolate wine is from Canadian River Winery, south of Norman, Oklahoma.  It’s not at all like the Choco Wine I posted about recently. This one actually looks like wine, and tastes like wine, with some chocolate flavoring.
The other two wines are from Brushy Creek Vineyards in Texas, where we stopped on our way back home.