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Kodak 1A Autographic Camera

The second in my collection of vintage cameras (although I don’t quite consider my Minolta XG-1 a vintage camera, as it’s from the early 80’s) is this foldable Kodak 1A Autographic camera.
From what I could find out, it was manufactured between 1917 and 1924 and the original list price was $21.
It takes autographic 116 film, which unfortunately isn’t available anymore.

2013-020 a

2013-020 b

2013-020 c

2013-020 d

2013-020 e

2013-020 f

2013-020 g

f-32 at f-5.6
2013-020 h


… just long enough to take some pictures of it before it went off to its new owner
(I think I’m in love… no… I know I’m in love! ♥)

VintageKodak 01

VintageKodak 02

VintageKodak 03

VintageKodak 04

VintageKodak 05

VintageKodak 06

VintageKodak 07VintageKodak 08

VintageKodak 09

VintageKodak 10

VintageKodak 11

VintageKodak 12

VintageKodak 13

VintageKodak 14

VintageKodak 15

VintageKodak 16

2012/288: For Those Kodak Moments

A little something I found inside Ontoganon Lighthouse.