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Fly Away

003 - May 22 2015

2014/080: Sheltered



2014/066: Out For A Stroll

The one and only ladybug Sara and I saw at the Dallas Arboretum during our visit last month…

2014-066 1

2014-066 2

The following two photos are the ones that Sara took with my old iPhone 4s and olloclip (un-edited). She had a lot of fun with it, and once she started taking pictures with the iPhone, she didn’t take any more with her “real” camera.
2014-066 3S

2014-066 4S

Take Flight

2013-046 1

2013-046 2

2012/366: Follow Your Dreams

This concludes my 5th year of blogging….. can’t believe it’s been this long already!
Wishing everyone a great start into the New Year and all the best for 2013!


2012/348: Invasion Of The Ladybugs (2)

My lucky shot! I literally tried for hours to get one of these ladybugs just as they were about to take off. This was the one and only time I (kinda sorta, almost) succeeded.

2012/338: Invasion Of The Ladybugs (1)

Had hundreds of these crawling all over the front porch on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. They were fast, though, and it wasn’t easy to get a picture of them.

2012/159: Ladybug

Found this little lady on the window of my back door one morning. Of course that called for a little iPhotoshoot 😉

2011/094: It’s Not A Bird

It’s a Ladybug!



2009/165: Fly


2009/126: Follow The Leader

(Also the title of tonight’s episode of LOST)


2009/121: Spread Your Wings And Fly


2009/96: Little Athlete


2009/89: Where Do I Go From Here



There’s No Bugs On Me

There’s a bug on the flower…


… but no bugs on Sara! This used to be her favorite commercial (still is I think! They are showing it again). The video is from April 2006


Hi There Little Lady

I was walking around my yard yesterday morning, looking for something to take pictures of, and found this little ladybug.

It’s a Giveaway!!!

Even though MY birthday is coming up, one of YOU will get a gift.

What? This beautiful set of ten note cards!


For a chance to win, just reply to this post…. no need to leave any kind of personal info, just be sure to check back to see if you’ve won.  You can enter until Noon on February 18th, then all the names will be thrown into a hat and one of the kids will draw the winner. The winner will be announced on February 19th!!

EVERYONE is qualified to enter! Yes, even my close friends and relatives! So, tell all your friends to come and enter… no wait, don’t tell them because that will decrease your chance of winning 😉 unless of course you make a deal with them to share the cards 50/50 if they win.

Please, only one entry per person. Entering more than once will not increase your chance of winning.

These are the images of the cards that are included in the set.