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Fly Away

003 - May 22 2015


2014/080: Sheltered



2014/066: Out For A Stroll

The one and only ladybug Sara and I saw at the Dallas Arboretum during our visit last month…

2014-066 1

2014-066 2

The following two photos are the ones that Sara took with my old iPhone 4s and olloclip (un-edited). She had a lot of fun with it, and once she started taking pictures with the iPhone, she didn’t take any more with her “real” camera.
2014-066 3S

2014-066 4S

Take Flight

2013-046 1

2013-046 2

2012/366: Follow Your Dreams

This concludes my 5th year of blogging….. can’t believe it’s been this long already!
Wishing everyone a great start into the New Year and all the best for 2013!


2012/348: Invasion Of The Ladybugs (2)

My lucky shot! I literally tried for hours to get one of these ladybugs just as they were about to take off. This was the one and only time I (kinda sorta, almost) succeeded.

2012/338: Invasion Of The Ladybugs (1)

Had hundreds of these crawling all over the front porch on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. They were fast, though, and it wasn’t easy to get a picture of them.