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2011/161: Summer Grass

2011/160: Memorial Day Getaway – 4

Lake Texoma, Denison Dam, part 2
After stopping at the river side, we drove back to the lake side of the dam to take a look at the spillway. That was actually pretty cool.  Do check out the Denison Dam link, to see a few more pictures, including one with water flowing down the spillway.

This was the view from the parking lot. There was a walkway to an “overlook” to the left of the picture. You could roll/run/walk/slide down the hill to get to the spillway, but we didn’t.

View from the overlook.

View of Lake Texoma from the spillway overlook.


2011/159: Gotcha!

Got them all to look at the camera!

2011/158: Memorial Day Getaway – 3

Lake Texoma, Denison Dam, part 1
Thanks to our good old-fashioned road atlas I spotted Denison Dam right on the Oklahoma/Texas border, and suggested stopping there.  Not exactly what I expected to see, and I wasn’t impressed at all, but it was a nice place to stop. The girls even found some seashells lakeshells.
The girls and I wore flip-flops, which weren’t exactly the ideal foot wear for waking around on all these loose rocks, but we didn’t feel like digging our socks and sneakers out of the car.

Texas is so flat, that on a clear Monday morning you can see all the way to Wednesday! 😉

Whatever that thing in the water is, must be part of the dam? This was the lake side of the dam.

We just took a quick look at the lake side, and then drove to the river side of the dam, and took the steps down to the river.

Told you it wasn’t very impressive!

Purposely not looking at the camera!