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Autumn Splendor

Sometimes there’s a little bit of fall color found in Texas (and it’s mandatory to capture it on “film” 😉 )

2013-013 1

2013-013 2

2013-013 3

2013-013 4



We’re off on our annual adventure today…heading to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

2012/017: Winter Leaves

2011/343: Fallen

The weirdest thing, seeing a big huge tree drop most of its leaves all at once. Don’t let the yellowish morning sun glow fool you, these leaves were green!

2011/327: Reliable

I can always count on our crepe myrtles to give us a little fall color… until the rain and wind knock off all the pretty leaves.

2011/317: Hearts & Strings

2011/313: On The Railing

What better place to photograph fallen leaves than on the railing of a wooden bridge?
These were all taken at Red Rock Canyon State Park in Oklahoma.

2011/312: Autumn’s Beauty (2)

From our recent week-end getaway to Oklahoma.

2011/311: Autumn’s Beauty (1)

From our recent week-end getaway to Oklahoma.

2011/263: Hint Of Fall

Not here… this was Michigan in July.

2011/120: Spring

2010/333: More Fall

Courtesy of the same crepe myrtle as the previous fall pictures (except the third one, not sure what kind of leaf that is)


2010/321: Looking Up

Thought I’d stick with a tree theme this week…. these were taken at the Dallas Arboretum when I was there recently.

2010/319: I Love Fall

There’s not much fall color around here, but I’ll take what I can get.

2010/311: Bonus – Let Nature Nurture You

I went to the Dallas Arboretum on Friday. Alone! Well… with my other Love! 😉
It was beautiful, and would have been perfect, if it hadn’t been for those hundreds of annoying, running, screaming kids everywhere, and teachers/parents unable to control them. (Note to elementary schools: take them to a playground instead!)

More pictures from the Arboretum in about a week…..

2010/306: Hint Of Fall

This just might be as good as it gets around here. I still see lots of green trees, or right outside my window is a tree with wilted green leaves, just waiting for the wind to blow them off the tree.


2009/323: Images Of Fall (10)

2009-323 a

2009-323 b

2009/321: Images of Fall (8)


2009/320: Images Of Fall (7)




2009/30: Ice Storm (1)

I won’t torture you with ten days of ice pictures, so I will post them in three groups, and you’ll only have to suffer for three days. I know how some of you are sick of the cold.

This first one is ice on top of a leaf. Not sure if you can tell if you don’t know what it is.