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2012/323: My Lens Runneth Over

2009/66: B&H Souvenir

Look what my sweet hubby brought me back from B&H!! Actually… he went to the store, bought it, and had it shipped because there was no way he could have squeezed it into his laptop bag on the flight home.
I was shocked!!! I expected him to bring me back a bottle of B&H brand lens cleaner, but then he asked about the remote. Then a day or two before he flew to NYC, he asked about the lens! Of course I felt guilty and told him not to get it. It can wait and I’ll save up some more for it. Yeah. Stoopid me!! I know that’s not how you spell it! I regretted it as soon as I said it, but still. It’s a LOT of money. But then I thought… maybe a different (cheaper) lens? So off I went to the B&H website to browse…. found three that I was considering, but was going to do some research first, to see how good they were. I told Greg and he said, just get the one you want. (I swear I don’t know what’s gotten into him lately.. first the camera for my birthday, then flowers “just because”, and now the lens, but I’m NOT complaining!! He was even going to get the remote, too, but then he decided to get the extended warranty instead)
I got to wait ALL DAY for the lens to arrive! I think the UPS man hates me, because he didn’t come until about 6:20 pm (and then would have just left the box on my front porch and walked away without the required signature if I hadn’t opened the door!!). When I was waiting for my camera to come, it didn’t arrive until about 6:40pm! Other days… when I’m NOT expecting a package, I see the UPS truck zipping past our house at 9am!
So here’s my souvenir. And just in time for Sara’s first soccer game of the season tomorrow!