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Sending A Message

The car is going back to the dealer today so they can fix what they broke while they were busy not fixing what was wrong with it, and to give them one last chance to fix the real problem before we take it somewhere else.

We’ve had the car back for about three weeks, and in that time Greg called Nissan Consumer Affairs and filed a complaint against the dealer. Told Nissan C.A. what they put us through, and that they actually tried to tell us that our problem was “normal” and that digital gauges all work like that. Too bad we knew for a fact and from personal experience that they do notwork like that, and Nissan Consumer Affairs came to the same conclusion when they did some research. They called the dealer and ordered them to fix the car, and when (or should I say if?) it is fixed, Nissan C.A. is supposed to make us some kind of offer.  To be continued….

This is how I’ve been driving around the past three weeks. Unfortunately the dealer name didn’t fit, so this has to be good enough.

I have to add that I talked to my 19-year-old son (who is in college learning car mechanics) and his first thought when I told him about the car, was that there might be some bad wiring, or that they may need to re-flash the computer. The very two things that the dealer has refused to do, because that can’t possibly be it!!! (They are finally replacing the wiring harness) Sad, when a 19-year-old college kid is smarter than a mechanic who’s been doing this for years!