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2014/123: Happy Place

Almost any beach will do…this was Texas City Dike

2014-123 1

Getting my feet wet was a must, although the water was still pretty chilly!
2014-123 2

Of course the kids looked for seashells to take home as souvenirs. These little guys however were NOT allowed to come home with us!
2014-123 3

View of  Point Bolivar Lighthouse from the end of Texas City Dike
2014-123 4

Key West

Key West Lighthouse

2013-025 a

View from the top of the Lighthouse
2013-025 b

2013-025 c

Southernmost Point in the continental US. There was a loooong line of people waiting to pose for pictures and I decided to just take a quick snap between tourists ūüėČ
2013-025 d

Cape Florida Lighthouse

What a lucky day it was when we visited Cape Florida Lighthouse¬†on Key Biscayne. They were just about to lock up the lighthouse for the day, but said that if we made it quick, we could climb to the top. I don’t think we ever climbed a lighthouse faster than this one and practically ran the 119 steps to the top. Melissa doesn’t like the tight spiraling lighthouse steps and chose to wait for us at the bottom.

First glimpse of the lighthouse above the trees
2013-023 a

2013-023 b

Ocean view from the top
2013-023 c

Beach view
2013-023 d

Walking away from the lighthouse, in search of the beach
2013-023 e

Lighthouse view from the beach access
2013-023 f

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Another beautiful Florida lighthouse (also called Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse)

2013-019 a

2013-019 b

2013-019 c

Loved the stairs!
2013-019 d

Beautiful view
2013-019 e

2013-019 f

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Absolutely loved St. Augustine Lighthouse. Beautiful lighthouse, and beautiful grounds.

Couldn’t get the rest of the family to get into the shot with me, so it’s just a selfie (of some sort) in the “tourist mirror”. What a clever idea to put it there, don’t you think?
2013-016 a

Did catch Mel unaware that she was going to be in my shot. (Evil mom!!)
2013-016 b

View of the lighthouse keeper’s house from one of the lighthouse windows
2013-016 c

View from the top
2013-016 d

Another view from the top
2013-016 e

And the awesome stairs, on our way back down
2013-016 f

Pensacola Lighthouse

Our first stop after crossing into Florida was Pensacola Lighthouse. We had to drive through the Naval Air Station to get to it, and once at the top of the lighthouse, could watch airplanes taking off and landing. If you’re really lucky you can see the Blue Angels¬†practicing (no such luck for us)

2013-012 a

Getting our feet wet in the warm Gulf waters
2013-012 b

View from the beach
2013-012 c

No flip-flops allowed! The girls and I had to climb the lighthouse barefoot. There was even someone at the bottom of the stairs, making sure everyone deposited their flip-flops in a little cubby before climbing to the top. (I thought that was kind of fun and didn’t mind at all…although the kids didn’t agree with me)
2013-012 d

Painted pelican
2013-012 e

Beautiful white sandy beaches. What really surprised me that the sand was cool to the touch and not burning hot like sandy beaches normally are.
2013-012 f


iFlorida Memories – Part 1

We spent two wonderful weeks in Florida last June, driving across and then south along the Atlantic coast all the way to Key West, then back towards home along the Gulf coast.
It rained almost every day (with the exception of ONE) but thankfully the timing wasn’t too bad and it usually rained when we were driving from one destination to the next.

2013-010 1a

We saw some lighthouses and climbed to the top of most of them. This is Cape Florida.
2013-010 1b

We saw the most amazing rainbow that lasted well over an hour! This picture was taken from our hotel room balcony
2013-010 1c

Did I mention we saw some lighthouses?? This one is Pensacola Lighthouse as we were walking back from the beach.
2013-010 1d

Of course a slice of Key Lime Pie (or in this case Key Lime ice-cream pie!) is a MUST!
2013-010 1e

In Destin, Florida I even got a tattoo!! Just a henna tattoo…still too chicken for a real one. After I reassured Sara that it didn’t hurt at all, she got one, too.
2013-010 1f


** All pictures were taken with my iPhone

2012/292: Duluth Lighthouse Trio

There are three lighthouses in Duluth, Minnesota, and I was able to get them all into the same shot. That’s Duluth Rear Range Light¬†in the foreground, Duluth North Pierhead Light¬†on the left, and Duluth South Pierhead Light¬†on the right.

2012/290: Duluth North Pierhead Light

On our way back home from Michigan we spent a night in Duluth, Minnesota, and visited some lighthouses before getting back on the road the next morning. The first lighthouse we went to was Duluth North Pierhead Light.

2012/287: Ontoganon Lighthouse

Ontoganon Light¬†was the last lighthouse we visited in Michigan this past summer, and we almost didn’t get to see it because of rain.
We packed up that morning to slowly make our way back towards home. Ontoganon Lighthouse was a couple hours’ drive away, and thankfully the rain had stopped by the time we got there. We stopped for a view across the water first and then tried to get closer, but a little “No Trespassing” sign at the gate on the road leading to the lighthouse made us think that it’s probably better to turn around and take the official tour. I have to say that this tour was certainly worth the money (admission was very reasonable). It started at the gift shop/museum and then we all boarded a shuttle bus that took us to the lighthouse. The guide was very knowledgable and walking through each room, you were actually allowed to touch the things that were there!

2012/283: Keeweenaw Waterway Lower Entrance Light

Keeweenaw Waterway Lower Entrance Light¬†could be seen in the distance from the top of Portage River Light, and of course we had to make our way over there for a closer look…

Many thanks to Brian and his Photoshop skills for fixing the terrible lens distortion in this photo!

It was a loooong walk out to the lighthose…

….and an equally long walk back!

2012/282: Portage River Light

Also called Jacobsville Light. This lighthouse is privately owned, and it wasn’t clear whether or not they offered tours. One website said they did, another said they didn’t. We decided to stop anyway (and at least take some pictures) and were greeted by the owner. We asked about tours and she said that we were welcome to climb the tower and sent us to meet her husband, who was already up there, and he gave us a nice history of the lighthouse and the area.

44 feet above the ground

2012/280: Sand Hills Lighthouse

Sand Hills Lighthouse¬†is in Ahmeek, Michigan and run as a bed & breakfast. They don’t offer tours, but that didn’t stop us from looking at it from the outside.

2012/271: Eagle Harbor Light

Eagle Harbor Lighthouse¬†offers very reasonably priced tours ($5 for adults, children under 16 are free) and we took the self guided tour of the lighthouse and adjacent maritime museum. The lighthouse is still an active one and even though we could take the stairs all the way to the top, we couldn’t get into the room where the light is.

2012/270: Copper Harbor Light

We could have taken a boat tour to visit Copper Harbor Light, but it was a bit expensive and we decided to skip it. We did have a nice view of it from across the water…

2012/269: Mendota Channel Light

Unfortunately this is as close as we got to this beautiful little lighthouse.

2012/263: Sand Point Light

Spent some time at Sand Point Light¬†in Baraga, Michigan. The lighthouse wasn’t open to the public, but there was a picnic area right at the lake, and we kicked off our shoes and got our feet wet in Lake Suuperior.

2012/254: Big Bay Point Lighthouse

The day we went to Big Bay Point Lighthouse¬†was one of the more relaxed days of our vacation. That’s all we had planned that day. We left the hotel mid morning and made it to Big Bay just in time to eat lunch at the Thunder Bay Inn¬†(the food was very good!) and then made our way to the lighthouse, which is run as a bed & breakfast. Tours were supposed to be available although no one seemed to be around.
The lighthouse is also for sale (for a mere ¬†$1,275,000). So…..if anyone has $1.2 million lying around and doesn’t know what to get me for my Birthday in February, this would be a great idea! ūüėČ

2012/251: Christmas Rear Range Light

You would think lighthouses are easy to find, right? Wrong! We almost didn’t find Christmas Rear Range Light, even with directions! They even seemed like¬†easy directions: Drive M-28 west, between Munising and Christmas near the “Welcome to Christmas” sign.
As you saw in yesterday’s post, we found the “Welcome to Christmas” sign, parked, and walked towards the lake. We had to walk through loose sand, with plenty of broken glass everywhere (not a great idea with flip-flops) and about half way there, I told everyone to stay where they were while I went to take a look (I was ahead of everyone else). All I could see was some kind of strange white pillar with an oversized lightbulb at the top, which was actually the Christmas Front Range Light. If you clicked the link, you’ll agree that it’s not exactly pretty or even lighthouse-looking. The travel brochure with those wonderful directions showed a picture of the Rear Range Light, and I knew this was definitely not it!! And there was no sign of another lighthouse anywhere!
Back to the car we went, and just as I closed the door, buckled up, and Greg was about to back out of our little parking space, I glance in the side mirror and say “Ummm…what’s behind us??” Yup! There it was…on the other side of the road, hidden in the trees!

Of course we got out of the car, crossed the street, and went to take a close look.

2012/249: Munising Front Range Light

A quick stop at Munising Front Range Light on the way back to our hotel in Marquette.

2012/242: Log Slide Scenic Overlook

About 8 miles west of Grand Marais, Michigan is Log Slide Overlook, where in the late 19th century loggers used to slide logs down the steep slope into Lake Superior where they were loaded onto lumber schooners. There are outdoor exhibits along the trail to the overlook (none of which I photographed).

Once at the overlook, you can see Grand Sable Dunes to the east…

…and catch a glimpse of Au Sable Lightstation to the west. That’s as close as we got to this lighthouse.

2012/228: Presque Isle Harbor Breakwater Light

Luckily the lucky shot¬†wasn’t the only one I got of Presque Isle Harbor Breakwater Light. We did get a bit closer, although we decided NOT to walk out to the lighthouse. We could have….and most certainly would have, if the waves hadn’t been crashing over the pier. Didn’t want to risk getting the camera wet.

2012/227: Lucky Shot

Yup, definitely got lucky, capturing Presque Isle Harbor Breakwater Light through the trees, at whoknowswhat mph!

2012/221: McCarty’s Cove

McCarty’s Cove is in Marquette, Michigan, which was one of our vacation destinations this summer because it was more or less central to several other places we wanted to visit, and it was much more convenient to just stay at a hotel there for a few days instead of checking into a new one every day.
On our first evening there, we drove along Scenic Drive in search for the Marquette lighthouses. This is about as close as we got to Marquette Harbor Lightstation because it is U.S. property and maintained by the Coast Guard. Tours are available, but it was too late in the evening, and the fences and gates were locked.