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2012/200: Lily


2011/119: Easter Lily

At least I think this is an Easter Lily.


2010/318: Lily Detail

2010/317: Lily

2010/194: Lily (3)

2010/189: Lily (2)

2010/184: Lily (1)

2010/117: Lily

2010/074: Lily

2010/069: Lily

Greg gave me some lilies last week, saying “Here, now you have something to take pictures of and put on your blog, because people are probably tired of your snow pictures”



2009/68: The One With Fill Flash

Michael assured me recently that using fill flash was easy.  I had never tried it before, so I took my subject outside onto my covered porch, and tried it out…. and wouldn’t you know it, it was easy! Now I just need to remember to use my flash more often. I even used the Gary Fong Lightsphere with it.