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2009/104: Build & Grow

We took the girls to the Build & Grow clinic at Lowe’s on Saturday, since we didn’t have a soccer game that day, and we had nothing else planned. It was the second time that we went, and they got to build a bird house this time.
When they finished, one of the Lowe’s employees even gave them some bird seed. He was going to fill it into the little bird feeder on the front of the birdhouse, but come on, what kind of stupid idea is that?! The kids are going to spill the bird seed all over the car on the way home!  Thankfully one of the bags that the birdhouse kits came in, was still in good shape, and I had him put the bird seed into the bag.
(Sorry for the picture overload…. well… not really 😉 )


Listening to Daddy’s instructions



Hmmm… which finger should I smack with the hammer?

Casualties (Sara hit these just a little too hard!)