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2012/256: Another Marquette Sunrise

Definitely would have been worth getting up early for if I hadn’t been up already ūüėČ

2012/230: Marquette Sunrise

Definitely worth waking up early for!

2012/229: Sunset Point

This is Presque Isle Park’s¬†Sunset Point in Marquette, Michigan. Sadly we were there at around 8pm, and with the sun not setting until about 10pm (or later!) we didn’t want to wait around that long. Meant to come back another day, but then never got around to it. A good excuse to go back another year, right?

2012/228: Presque Isle Harbor Breakwater Light

Luckily the lucky shot¬†wasn’t the only one I got of Presque Isle Harbor Breakwater Light. We did get a bit closer, although we decided NOT to walk out to the lighthouse. We could have….and most certainly would have, if the waves hadn’t been crashing over the pier. Didn’t want to risk getting the camera wet.

2012/227: Lucky Shot

Yup, definitely got lucky, capturing Presque Isle Harbor Breakwater Light through the trees, at whoknowswhat mph!

2012/221: McCarty’s Cove

McCarty’s Cove is in Marquette, Michigan, which was one of our vacation destinations this summer because it was more or less central to several other places we wanted to visit, and it was much more convenient to just stay at a hotel there for a few days instead of checking into a new one every day.
On our first evening there, we drove along Scenic Drive in search for the Marquette lighthouses. This is about as close as we got to Marquette Harbor Lightstation because it is U.S. property and maintained by the Coast Guard. Tours are available, but it was too late in the evening, and the fences and gates were locked.