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2014/138: Car Show

You know me…it’s all about the details 😉

2014-138 1

2014-138 2

Selfie….sort of.
2014-138 3

2014-138 4

2014-138 5

2014-138 6

2014/010: Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Well…..not exactly.
We spent Christmas in Pensacola Beach Florida and it was really cold, with temperatures in the 30’s in the morning, and in the 40’s (possibly in the low 50’s) and really windy. But this isn’t snow, it’s a snowy-white beach.


St. Augustine Lighthouse

Absolutely loved St. Augustine Lighthouse. Beautiful lighthouse, and beautiful grounds.

Couldn’t get the rest of the family to get into the shot with me, so it’s just a selfie (of some sort) in the “tourist mirror”. What a clever idea to put it there, don’t you think?
2013-016 a

Did catch Mel unaware that she was going to be in my shot. (Evil mom!!)
2013-016 b

View of the lighthouse keeper’s house from one of the lighthouse windows
2013-016 c

View from the top
2013-016 d

Another view from the top
2013-016 e

And the awesome stairs, on our way back down
2013-016 f

2012/105: The Secret To Skinny…

…lies in the mirror.
Yup, all it takes is two mirrors mounted in the corner of a room 😉

2010/214: Minus Fifty

Pounds, that is!
The jeans I’m wearing holding up are a size 14 and they fit perfectly less than a year and a half ago, and now I fit into a size 4 … unless I shop at Target, I can fit into a size 2, depending on the clothing brand.


And a little bonus for a few certain whiney 😉 friends of mine (you know who you are!).. a picture of me in the dress


2009/49: Bonus

Thought I’d post a little bonus pic today, for all those that keep whining complaining pointing out that I never post any pictures of myself.
So here you go! That’s me on the left and my little sister on the right. I think I was about 4 years old, and my sister was 3, taken when we were in Kindergarten… which is the German version of preschool.
(No one ever said it had to be a current picture of myself!)


Please excuse the quality, this is a picture of a picture that my sister took years ago.