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2011/158: Memorial Day Getaway – 3

Lake Texoma, Denison Dam, part 1
Thanks to our good old-fashioned road atlas I spotted Denison Dam right on the Oklahoma/Texas border, and suggested stopping there.  Not exactly what I expected to see, and I wasn’t impressed at all, but it was a nice place to stop. The girls even found some seashells lakeshells.
The girls and I wore flip-flops, which weren’t exactly the ideal foot wear for waking around on all these loose rocks, but we didn’t feel like digging our socks and sneakers out of the car.

Texas is so flat, that on a clear Monday morning you can see all the way to Wednesday! 😉

Whatever that thing in the water is, must be part of the dam? This was the lake side of the dam.

We just took a quick look at the lake side, and then drove to the river side of the dam, and took the steps down to the river.

Told you it wasn’t very impressive!

Purposely not looking at the camera!

2011/157: Memorial Day Getaway – 2

Monday morning, Memorial Day, we got up, had breakfast at the hotel, and then packed our things and checked out. We headed north to Lake Eufaula. We’ve driven past this lake many times, and we decided to see a little more of it since we had plenty of time to get home. The lake is huge, but we found a way to just drive around part of it. We wanted to stop at one of the park areas and found a pretty big one on the map in the brochure. Guess what? We couldn’t find it! We either missed it completely (although I don’t see how that would be possible) or it wasn’t there! Did I mention that I think those Okies are making things up for their travel brochures? (See previous post)
It was still a nice drive.
The lake is usually a beautiful deep blue, but was pretty muddy this time because of all the recent rain.

After our little tour around part of the lake, we made our way towards home. I consulted our good old-fashioned road atlas (anyone else still use those?) to see if there was anything else to do on our way, and I found something! To be continued tomorrow…

2011/156: Memorial Day Getaway – 1

Saturday before Memorial Day, we decided to head to McAlester, Oklahoma. Why McAlester? Because of Whispering Meadows Winery. It’s close to home, only about 3 hours away, and we stopped there last year on our way back from vacation, and bought some really good wine.
Greg wanted to leave Saturday, but I talked him out of it. It was already afternoon, and I didn’t want to rush, getting some things packed, so we decided to leave Sunday morning. Greg did book a hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express. Unfortunately minutes later, we found out that the winery is closed Sundays and Mondays. Oh well, it would still be nice to get out of town, and we were sure we would find something to do. Besides, we needed a good excuse reason, why the kids were missing school on Memorial Day, which was supposed to be one of the snow make-up days.

We left around 9 am on Sunday morning and stopped at the Oklahoma Welcome Center to pick up some brochures. We found a listing for Dewgul Berry Farm in one of them, and since it wasn’t too far out of the way, we decided to stop. Only problem was that we couldn’t find it! There were no signs, nothing looked like a berry farm, and the GPS didn’t recognize the address. I think those Okies are making things up for their travel brochures!
We got to the hotel around 1 pm, which was a little early to check in, so we went in search of a park, and found one, and the kids got to swing for a little while. Our room was ready at 2 pm. We got a suite, which was soo nice! The kids were especially happy, because they each got their own bed and they didn’t have to share one, and most importantly, they didn’t have to sleep on the sleeper sofa!
We relaxed for a little while and then went down to the pool. If you look at the pictures on the hotel’s website, the pool looks HUGE! Well, it wasn’t! Someone was smart and used an ultra wide-angle lens for those pictures! The water was freezing cold, but the kids had fun anyway. Melissa was busy, saving the beetles that were floating in the water. Everyone needs a hero!

There was a Chili’s within walking distance of the hotel, and we walked over there to eat dinner. Afterwards we planned on playing some miniature golf at Speedline Entertainment (found in the McAlester travel brochure). They were supposed to be open until 9 pm, and we had a good two hours to play. The problem? They were closed!! Told you those Okies are making things up! Oh well, we killed some time at Wal-Mart (exciting, isn’t it?), picked up some dessert, and went back to the hotel.