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2011/170: Daddy’s Little Helper

A week or two ago, Sara wanted to earn a little extra money and decided to mow the grass (after all, sissy gets paid pretty well when she mows the grass… but really doesn’t want to do it. And usually doesn’t, and it’s up to dad). Of course Sara is a little too young to mow the grass by herself, so Greg helped push the mower (it was probably the other way around!).
She didn’t help the whole time, either, and then was a little disappointed that she got paid much less than what she expected. And the poor thing was just about eaten alive by those darn mosquitoes, she had almost 20 bites!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my Honey, and to all the dads out there (even if you celebrate Father’s Day on a different day. I know in Germany it was a couple of weeks ago).

2009/134: Mow Me

Thankfully the grass was mowed the day I took this picture.