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2014/133: One For Luck

Wishing a very good friend the best of luck today! 😉

And yes, it’s a real four-leaf clover. No cheating! I was lucky enough to find it one evening in my front yard. We had just come home from the store or from dinner….or somewhere, I don’t remember anymore. I got out of the car, and happened to look down when this little guy reached up his arms and said “Pick me! Pick me!”….. so I did 🙂


Had to take some pictures of it first, and then went back out front to look for more, but nope, this one seemed to be the only one.

2014/132: Bluebonnet

…from above.


2014/130: Bokehlicious

Of course that’s a word! 😉


2014/129: Dewberry

Pretty little wildflower I found in a field near my home.


2014/127: Columbine

What a nice surprise it was to see these beauties…in all kinds of colors…during one of my recent visits to the Dallas Arboretum.

2014-127 1

2014-127 2

2014-127 3

2014-127 4


Everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to tomorrow.
~ unknown


2014/123: Happy Place

Almost any beach will do…this was Texas City Dike

2014-123 1

Getting my feet wet was a must, although the water was still pretty chilly!
2014-123 2

Of course the kids looked for seashells to take home as souvenirs. These little guys however were NOT allowed to come home with us!
2014-123 3

View of  Point Bolivar Lighthouse from the end of Texas City Dike
2014-123 4

2014/121: Daisies

At least I think they’re some kind of daisy…

2014-121 1

2014-121 2

2014-121 3


2014/120: Uninspired

That’s definitely me. I keep forgetting to schedule a post….can’t think of any good titles….and I keep watching the post count in my reader go up, for other blogs that I follow. I apologize for not being around much, and I promise to do better…soon!


2014/119: Feeling Blue

Not really….just the first thing that popped into my head for a title.


2014/118: Buzz

2014-118 a

2014-118 b

2014/117: Orange



White Passionflower


2014/115: Dragonfly


2014/113: Rain Lilies


2014/111: At The Butterfly House

2014-111 a

2014-111 b

2014/109: Water Lily


2014/108: Crowd Pleaser



2014/107: Fern



2014/106: Ranunculus

2014-106 1

2014-106 2

2014/105: Ready…

…for take-off!


2014/104: More Tulips

I hope you’re not getting tired of them, because I have lots more tulip pictures to post.

2014-104 a

2014-104 b

2014-104 c





You brighten even the darkest of my days