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2011/130: Create

And so I did.  My first attempt at making jewelry. I bought the flower charms sometime last year, and added one to my charm bracelet. Then last week I bought the green beads and thought they would go perfectly with the green center of the flowers.
Wrapping the headpins (the piece that goes through the bead) was not easy, and I can’t even tell you how many of them I messed up!! It looks a little sloppy, but I can deal with that 😉

Before I made the earrings, I made this necklace, insprired by Becky’s Necklace. My best friend sent me the little camera charm as a surprise, and I just HAD to make a necklace! The little frame (you can see just a small part of it in the top of the picture) was a bit of a problem. I used to see them at Michaels Arts & Crafts when I had no need for them, but when I needed one, well, there were nowhere to be found! Thankfully Becky had one in stock and sold it to me, and all I needed to do was decide on a picture. I also found headpins with a tiny little heart at the end… couldn’t have been more perfect! I only ruined three of those headpins in the process.

(Facebook friends can see a different shot of the necklace in my Wall Photos album)

2011/046: Valentine Surprise

A necklace and flowers! The necklace was a complete surprise! ♥
I knew I would get a card, and I asked him not to get me chocolate (I know, crazy, right? ME saying NO to chocolate!!)

2011/022: Charmed Again

One of my favorite necklaces…. Amber actually found it and showed it to me, and when she said that she would order one for herself, I had her order one for me, too, thinking we could split the shipping cost (which ended up being included)

2010/160: Guardian Angel

This is a necklace that I’ve had ever since I can remember. My grandmother gave it to me when I was really little (about 2 maybe?)
Btw. this charm is very small, only 1cm in diameter (3/8 inch)