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2014/122: Refinery

Oil refinery in Texas City, Texas

By day…
2014-122 1

…and then had to come back after dark to get a night shot, too 😉
(Different spot and different angle)
2014-122 2

Night Sky

The Highschool Melissa goes to had Astronomy Night one night last spring and of course we decided to go. Unfortunately we only had clear skies for a little while before the clouds moved in, but it was still enough time to capture a few photos. I even came armed with my flimsy little tripod.

This little white spot about to disappear behind the clouds is Jupiter
2013-050 1

2013-050 2

Moon and clouds
2013-050 3

Starry Night

30-second exposure, with the camera laying on a small table, pointing up into the sky.