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2014/084: iPhonographer

Since upgrading to the iPhone 5s I’ve been letting Sara borrow my old iPhone 4s and olloclip to take pictures. We made it to the Dallas Arboretum twice during spring break, and she had a blast! She brought her Kodak Easyshare the first time, and did take some pictures with it, but then she put it into her backpack and just took pictures with my old iPhone. The second time we went, she never even brought her camera 😉

2014-084 1

2014-084 2

2014-084 3

2014/066: Out For A Stroll

The one and only ladybug Sara and I saw at the Dallas Arboretum during our visit last month…

2014-066 1

2014-066 2

The following two photos are the ones that Sara took with my old iPhone 4s and olloclip (un-edited). She had a lot of fun with it, and once she started taking pictures with the iPhone, she didn’t take any more with her “real” camera.
2014-066 3S

2014-066 4S


All taken with my iPhone 4s and olloclip macro lens.

2013-042 a

2013-042 b

2013-042 c

2013-042 d

2012/361 – Bonus: Snow!

I was dreaming of a white Christmas, and my dream came true….well, close enough anyway 😉

It started out as pouring rain on Christmas morning. Temperatures were around 44 F when we left for Oklahoma to spend Christmas with family, and fell to about freezing. The rain slowly turned to snow during the drive north, and by the time we reached Greg’s brother’s house, it was all sleet and very windy and cold.
We left a little sooner than planned to go back home, because the weather continued to get worse, and the drive from Durant to Dallas took us three hours instead of the normal hour an a half. We saw plenty of cars spun out in the median because they refused to slow down. (Every car that passed us going much to fast, I waved to and said “see you in the ditch!” LOL)
Our little town got enough snow to cover the grass completely and it looked so pretty, even in the dark. This morning I could barely wait for the sun to come up so I could bundle up and introduce my iPhone to the snow.
I think my next purchase will be “texting gloves” to keep my hands warm and still be able to use my iPhone. Two more minutes in the cold, and you could have snapped my fingers off like icicles 😉

2012-361 - B1

2012-361 - B2

Walking in a Winter Wonderland – taken with my olloclip macro lens
2012-361 - B3

2012/285: iNature (5)

Photos taken with my iPhone and olloclip macro lens

2012/262: iNature (4)

All photos taken with my iPhone + olloclip

Wild blueberry

2012/259: Thimbleberries

My dear readers who are also Stuart and Trevor fans already know that we got to meet up with Kathy in L’Anse one afternoon. Well Kathy told us about thimble berries which are similar to raspberries. After that day, we always looked for them on our walks through the woods, and picked the ripe ones. I think it was still a little early in the season, because most of them weren’t quite ripe yet.
This one looked so perfect I had to take a picture of it first 😉

We also found Thimble Berry jam and bought a jar to bring home with us. It was delicious! Sara disagreed, and Melissa never wanted to taste it, which was fine…..more for me!


2012/258: iNature (3)

Photos taken with my iPhone + olloclip

2012/253: iNature (2)

All photos taken with my iPhone + olloclip

2012/246: iNature (1)

Of course all photos were taken with the iPhone (and olloclip) 🙂

2012/215: May All Your Wishes Come True

Taken with my iPhone and olloclip macro

2012/204: iArboretum (4)

Photos taken with my iPhone.

2012/203: iArboretum (3)

Photos taken with my iPhone.

2012/202: iArboretum (2)

Photos taken with my iPhone.

My favorite iPhone picture from that day ♥

2012/201: iArboretum (1)

Photos taken with my iPhone